Interview with Nightwish 64

Source: Nightwish Official Website

First of all, now that you have joined Nightwish, are you still playing in Sinergy?
Yep. I'm also playing in Sinergy. We finished a new album just a while ago, and it should come out in January.

I have never heard of Tarot, Metal Gods and Conquest before. Do they still exist and if yes, are you still active in those bands?

Yes, they exist. Tarot had some moderate success in Japan and a few thousand albums were shipped to Germany also. I'm the lead singer of the band besides playing bass also. These days we've done just a few gigs now and then. Metal Gods is actually a cover group as the name implies. We do it just for fun (and some xtra cash). Conquest is a group that I helped to record an album couple of years back. They had a session bassist then and I promised that if things start happening I'll come along. New stuff is still in demo status. We'll see what happens; after all I've had some other work offers since that, as you know...

What made you join Nightwish? Did they approach you or did you hear that they were searching for a new bassist and called them?

Tuomas asked me, if I was interested. I said yeah.

What are your feelings about joining such a successful band?

I'm excited of course. Let's just hope everything works out fine.

Will you be a permanent "Nightwisher" from now on?

We'll have to see how the whole chemistry thing comes together first. If we get along both musically and personally then there should be no problems. Tuomas told me that they are definitely looking for permanent replacement, so I'll be working for it.

Do you have any plans for your work in Nightwish? What influences will you bring to the band? Will you be singing and songwriting as well?

I've been a songwriter (lyrics & music) all my life, so I sure hope to have some space for that too. My influences are from a really wide genre, so I'll let the other guys decide what fits their style at first I think. We've already talked about some songs having split vocals between me and Tarja.

For those who have never heard any of your other bands, can you describe similarities and differences to Nightwish's music?

The obvious similarity is of course that I've always played in metal bands. With the other groups there's also been important to have a melodic approach to songwriting. In Sinergy there's also a female vocalist though the style IS different and the band plays really rough and angry stuff these days. With Tarot we've had one guitar+keyboard line-up similar to NW, but the music is more low key, heavier and slower. With Conquest the music is very much 70's and early 80's traditional metal.

Which is your favorite Nightwish song and why?

Probably "Come cover me" because I remember it well from the tour we did together when I was playing with Sinergy only. We had played a really good gig, had a few beers, and were in a general "We love everybody" mood and went to dig NW gig with a cold brew in hand as they started that one. Yeah, it felt really good.


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