Elis - Griefshire

Source: Kogaionon

Rating: 0.80/1

ELIS (SWI/LIE) - "Griefshire" CD'06 (NAPALM)

Pity for the sudden death of this ambitious young girl, the one that used to play the vocal parts on ERBEN DES SCHOPFUNG project! Sabine Dunser (RIP) created the very delight of this sound labeled as Gothic Metal! I find it hard to say if ELIS is an authentic Gothic Metal band or not, but I can state for sure that we are dealing with several gathered influences, starting with Classical or Atmospheric, and further emphasizing Heavy, Doom Death or Power Metal! Sabine's voice reminds me of Liv Kristine (the two of them had a collaboration in the past), while the choral effects fill the sound furrowed by energetic guitars and fully melodious and bombastic keyboard! ELIS's sound is an easy one to trace, as Sabine's crystalline voice is truly unique, even though Metal hasn't valued it at its most! This is by far the best release of the band and I trust it will enjoy full consideration now, yet my guess is that ELIS ceased its existence along with Sabine's. Even though the rest of the band still performs under ELIS formula, searching for a new vocalist, I think ELIS myth ought to place its anchor in the past. I haven't been a fan of this band, yet I have never been bothered by listening to it, even though the Dark dimension never touched this very sound!



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