Elysium - Dreamscapes

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.78/1

ELYSIUM (AUS)-"Dreamscapes" CD'01
(53. 22 min, 7 tracks)

Rumors came to me regarding Judy Chiara's presence on this album and that was why I longed for listening to this debut! This album is not bad at all, although the old MY DYING BRIDE style does not interest anymore. The seven Epic Doom Death Metal tracks reveal an atmospheric slow sound with contrasting voices, abundant keyboard and Doom guitars. Here and there, Judy's voice makes its appearance but unfortunately dominated by Jamie Marsh's one, which is in Aaron type and so characteristic to Depressive Death Doom Metal. The tracks are pretty long and because of that the audition becomes even more enjoyable, yet I must say ELYSIUM brings nothing new. Both concept and interpretation of these sequences are great though the only ones who might get interested in this album are those who still listen to earlier ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE or UNHOLY.


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