Eternal Tears of Sorrow - A virgin And A Whore

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.73/1

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW (FIN)-"A virgin And A Whore" CD'01
(43. 09 min, 9 tracks)

Appetizing name for an album... while Niklas Sundin's booklet design reminds of me of "La Masquerade Infernal"-one of the best albums ever existed! The five Finn's music carries on the line of the antecedent album, "Chaotic Beauty", which means melodiousness, intense keyboard, Black voices and progressive passages. I am not quite mad about such sound since the commercial line is more than straight visible and the rhythm just kills the Dark message of the album. Otherwise, I guess it is an excellent Melodic Black Gothic Metal album yet performed with less inspiration than what we could have listened two years ago.


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