HB - Frozen Inside

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.84/1

HB (FIN) - "Frozen Inside" CD'08
Another NIGHTWISH clone! With a more innocent voice and less Symphonic than the legendary band (that now is an inspirational adrift), HB presents a very promising debut, with a both fragile and mighty female voice, who's inflections bring over the salt and pepper of the album. There are slow sequences too, ballads like, and also more rapid fragments, more Heavy, full of rhythm and atmosphere. The album doesn't sound bad, yet I couldn't spot any originality within it. It is just a different Epic Symphonic Metal, or Modern Metal, one that cannot displease the audience! I am sure HB sounds fine on live performances too! Still, it is only a debut, so we shouldn't discourage their intention to show us that they know how to play and to create pleasant atmosphere. But let's see when will originality come to light. I hope with the second album that will happen.


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