Leave's Eyes - Lovelorn

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LEAVES'EYES (GER)- "Lovelorn" CD'04
(10 tracks, 41. 53 min)

Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull, known for her activity besides THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, comes back in forth with a new musical project, very digestible and commercial, full of a certain beauty and optimism. Many things have happened lately in her personal life such as marrying Alex (ATROCITY), giving birth to a boy and moving out in Germany for good. Such events have inspired Liv and she succeeded to release a Rock album, with roots in Kate Bush but still having some shades of what THEATRE OF TRAGEDY used to be (especially voice's inflexions!). Conceptually, the outcome is basically structured on three elements: nature, Romanticism and love. Having ATROCITY's members, including Alex' brutal vocals from time to time, LEAVES'EYES insists on the fragile melancholic dimension outlined by a superb female voice while the background mixture of Rock, Metal and Gothic simply discharge dynamism, rhythm and huge energy. The CD presents a multimedia presentation and a video clip, which proves their desire to be professional and up to date. If you're willing to admit each of you might have sometimes a positive sentimental romantic part, then you can try this album! Otherwise, the material has no magic! Maybe this mixture of Gothic Metal with Rock has met, during these last years, all kinds of shapes and dimensions so that without an excellent voice or a steady strong personality not correlated with the rest of the instruments...it might get hard to be noticed. Well, in this very case, Liv benefits of consistent marketing/promotional support!

www.leaveseyes.com | http://www.livkristine.de/


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