My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings

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MY DYING BRIDE (UK) - "A Line Of Deathless Kings" CD'06 (PEACEVILLE)

These British conservatives! True respect for these titans! A great band, a beautiful album: mournful, cold, dark, grey coloured, sad and depressive, yet melodic and very slow! Aaron Stainthorpe's voice is more natural and clearer than ever, and, for the first time in their history the backing vocals are also used; moreover, Andrew Craighan and Hamish Glencross's guitars stand out for a classic scent of authentic Doom Metal, while the intricate and superposed battery frames (John Bennett/THE PROPHECY) share a charm of their own; the keyboard (Sarah Stanton) is more subdued, but it remains in perfect harmony with the rest of the instruments, meanwhile the bass (Ade Jackson) generates the same groovy tendencies on the stage that make you tremble involuntarily... I do not intend to compare this very album with the previous ones, as I would not find any significant differences, on the contrary, I might turn less critical with the former albums (except the experimental one), because the ninth seems forceless and lacked in dynamism. At least, after listening to it continuously for several times, you get indulgent when you want to find interesting fragments, as are the ones from "L'amour Detruit"... But let's not analyze this album solely from the musical point of view, because I could only rate it modestly. As I dare to declare myself a lifetime MDB listener, I suggest to use another framing, a less conventional one, when referring to this album: art! It is the utter poetic album in MDB's history, outlining an incontestable apogee of Aaron's voice, veiling a mournful aura of an indefinable realm, of something that isn't palpable! A beautiful atmosphere, semi obscure, with romantic, even melancholic glimpses, yet just vain hope for it! I could further mention that "Deeper Down" doesn't seem to be the most inspired track for promoting the album, but its video is brightly done by Charlie Granberg, the one that also did KATATONIA's "My Twin" and "Deliberation" videos. The video named above is released all together with the album on which you can also find another exclusive new track, "The Child Of Eternity", extremely beautiful, and also the live version for "A Kiss To Remember", recorded in 2003, in Belgium. Is there any point for me to remind you that the sound is crystal clear thanks to Mags, the one considered a true master at Academy Studio? When you talk about MY DYING BRIDE there is no use into trying to find a comparison with something from everyday's dimension... It's hard to escape the daily normality, but if you come to the point of doing that through MDB, the subsequent risk is the helplessness to stop it... or if you can do that, it would affect the close ones in a miserable way... because for you yourself it would be perfect: the end! From another point of view, the album is rather barren, as I am still yearning for Martin's violin to tickle my ear! Anyway, it is one of the slowest albums in history, harbouring an absolutely fantastic Gothic Doom fragment on "Loves Intolerable Pain" piece, as all the instruments can be perfectly heard, including a combination of masculine vocals and that's all it is. I'm afraid the fans won't consider this album as a masterpiece (and it isn't one indeed) because, when listening to it superficially, the sound is similar to the ones on the previous albums. In my opinion, the latest album has a totally distinct structure, opening different stylistic horizons in case MDB doesn't cease to exist. MDB is the same one as form, but its substance continues to transform itself! And, as transformation does not necessarily imply maturity, it is only natural that weak features occur. I end my review mentioning that the album's title is a very inspired one (a bit high-flown though), and the only element that reaches perfection is Aaron's unique voice!

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Kika gärna in på min konstnärsblogg. Jag postar bland annat olika kändisporträtt och säljer även egendesignade linnen :-) Har även en pågående tävling!

2009-04-08 @ 10:48:29

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