My Dying Bride - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light

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Rating: 0.93/1

MY DYING BRIDE ( UK )-"Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" CD'04
(8 tracks, 61. 06 min)

What could be left for one to say when holding a new album of these British! It is their eighth chapter! Conservatism seems to be a fundamental feature for this small continent and this is perfectly reflected in music as well. Aaron brings up now a first rate Dark Doom Death Metal album, pretty darkened and full of mystery! Although the sound is rather old, in the manner of the first album, MDB succeeds to amaze today with the most depressive album in their history! Perhaps my statement might sound a little hazarded but I only ask you to take in account one single aspect: when everybody is chasing for Atmospheric or Gothic frames, full of melody and modern rhythmic and commercial elements, MDB reveals a genuine Dark bomb defying any trend or influence of The New Wave by insisting on simple elements guided by guitars and battery and led by an extraordinary voice -able to feature all kinds of inflections! I do admit, from time to time, a distant keyboard can be heard but it rather sounds like a pipe organ than a bombastic instrument and it harmoniously meets a sound already frozen... already full of feelings of solitude and isolation and retreat! Here there are all kinds of passages, from the most sinister and introverted ones to melodic and accessible frames developing a warm friendly communication lane! In other words, this is an album to strike all faithful MDB fans and perhaps it shall make an impression on the new ones as well! I must confess, this very release both shocked and fascinated me despite the fact I actually heard nothing new... Perhaps it is about memories... about a return in time, I wouldn't know for sure but listening to this sound again "threw" me into an exclusive mood! Well, the artistic aspect was accomplished by the one who used to shock us 10 years ago, Andy Green... It is an exceptional imagery! So, this is a new "Like Gods Of The Sun" album but in a version up to the III-rd Millennium! A must is "The Blue Lotus" track!!


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