My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.93/1

MY DYING BRIDE (UK)-"The Dreadful Hours" CD'01
(70. 49 min, 8 tracks)

A good band and an album at the same level incite me to have more detailed and critical comments. To my disappointment I daily read and find reviews that refuse to reflect the reality for the readers, just the case of this very album. When saying MY DYING BRIDE something must vibrate inside one's soul and this should be a real fact since this band is a vivid legend featuring on Dark Metal scene! All technical details came out directly from Aaron, some time ago, inside issue no. 7 of "Kogaionon"; therefore I see no sense for other comments regarding this chapter. It is just that the sound that reminds me of BAL SAGOTH again, which is once again natural because we speak about the same person namely John Maudlin. Of course, in studio, Yasmin Ahmed was present this time too and I should write down that her keyboard's tunes, especially on the track "A Cruel Taste Of Winter", have nothing in common with the band she usually plays in-EBONYLAKE! In direct comparison with the English' first albums, the new compositions are not capable to bring new aspects, on contrary, are even paler as far as inspiration is implied...yet with one single remark: much better performed.
On the other hand, if we take in account that MDB focused, almost four years ago, on an embarrassing experimental Gothic sound (Pop!!!), well, then, "The Dreadful Hours" must definitely regarded as a masterpiece. The straight reality is that the seven tracks follow the same line "The Light at the End of the World" started but much more elaborated and arranged whereas Aaron's voice gives birth to an unimaginable Epic Dark Metal atmosphere! "Le Figlie Della Tempesta" is no doubts, a track to be distinguished from the very first tunes so that guitars, drums, keyboard, Aaron voice's inflexions... just everything sounds magnificent! At the end of the material, a re-edition of "The Return of the Beautiful" simply makes the proof of these instrumentalists' skillfulness and maturity! I can even affirm that Calvin once used to do with his guitar is harmoniously and professionally replaced by Hamish. Yet, if coming to old good times, I need to confess I still miss Martin's violin!!! Above all, we should be aware of so many changes in line up that happened during these 12 years of its existence... and the most important thing is that the band continues to play and, moreover, the new album's sound has the gift to shadow everything that was released last year in Gothic Death Metal field! And this is not all, the CD owns an exceptional digi-pack! Do I sense a shadow of doubt? Well, if so, it certainly means that you understood nothing and it would be better for you to retire now!!!


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