My Dying Bride - Voice Of The Wretched

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.90/1

MY DYING BRIDE(UK)-"Voice Of The Wretched" CD'02
(74. 53 min, 10 tracks)

What about this? The eternal distasteful manner labels use to make some more bucks upon fans' credibility! After I said such to myself, rather disinterested than curious, I played the CD. Surprise! I found a high quality sound, modicum applauses and an incredible atmosphere! MY DYING BRIDE leads us through some of the most impressing moments of their history, from "Symphonaire Infernus..." or "Turn Loose The Swans" to "A Cruel Taste of Winter". Of course, there are as well jewelleries such as "The Cry Of Mankind" or "The Snow In My Hand", an ultra atmospheric realm with a strong impact to the public. What can I say? As a declared fan of this band, I cannot help myself in appreciating this "Best Of" in a live version! I would truthfully be enchanted to see/hear them live but since technically speaking this is impossible, I can only close my eyes and pump up the volume of this very CD. This is an irreproachable recording while the execution is slightly similar with the one featured on their albums (if it wasn't for the keyboard, which is more intense)... a real surprise for me, although I haven't listened to anything the gig was in spring 2001, in a club in Holland.


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