Nightwish - Century Child

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.81/1

NIGHTWISH (FIN)-"Century Child" CD'02
(50. 25 min, 10 tracks)

Well, well...quite some blaze...some praises, superlatives only to describe this last album of the Finns! Even the most enraged Blackers seem to be attracted to NIGHTWISH! Subsequent to my unenthusiastic review for "Wishmaster" album, I really thought the new sequences would kick me even harder! Fortunately, it didn't happen so! If you ask what it is about this music... I can tell you: nothing new, just inciting rhythms for shaking hairs, a super monotonous battery and guitars embracing a tiresome Heavy Power Progressive easily to imitate for anyone. Tarja's voice features no new sounds and neither spectacular modulation, the bombastic keyboard seems to be in lack of inspiration while the male voice performed by the bass player desperately tries to change something in the faded NIGHTWISH look but with no luck. But if we gaze into a different perspective, well, no doubt, it is about a well-executed album, a quality recording, live choirs and the participation of a professional percussion orchestra... and we can go back to "Wishmaster". Well, we are talking about NIGHTWISH and all five musicians are indeed professional! "Oceanborn" was the band's start and there from NIGHTWISH only ran for success while the inspiration/innovation chapter seems to have closed. Sami Vanska (SINERGY, TAROT) participated on "Oceanborn" as well and I guess the bass was much more present and clearer, which is a valid feature for the entire musical message, not like on this very album having so many en vogue atmospheric details that, after all, turn out to be boring. When I hear that German tops are "intoxicated" with NIGHTWISH...I realize I shall never have place for praising what can make money ignoring the creative side-which is, up to my opinion, the most important element as far as music is concerned. Well, it is a pity! Perhaps most of you disapprove my sayings...this is it! I only intended to suggest opening your eyes before buying this sample of Operatic Gothic Metal Rock. Surely, those who adore the sound of previous albums probably shall taste as well, this dose of NIGHTWISH.


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