Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalips

Source: Kogaionon

Rating: 1/1


Tomas Pettersson absolutely left me without words, air and hope! This is one of the finest and most elegant albums within the ones released in the past 15 years! It is inconceivable for this Dark Neo-Folk jewel to lack from the personal collection of any underground admirer! The contrasts concept is now performed more inspired than ever before, and it creates an unimaginable atmosphere throughout the specific ORE puzzle of dichotomies alike sex-war, dark-light or joy-sadness! The decadent beauty, full of darken shaped eroticism, enlivens 13 distinct pieces, based on Tomas's normal, yet deep, voice that rather recites than sings, using an original intonation accompanied by a calm instrumentation, veiled in a dangerous melancholia and beauty. The tribal shadows, Industrial features, seem paler than ever, enhancing the staccato rhythms, very melodious ones, and also rising various choirs, sinister effects, acoustic guitars, dreamy piano, multiple percussions and redundant echoes. ORE is a band of genius, and the trinity might turn complete now if we add the other brothers of suffering into fetishism and not solely that, respectively SPIRITUAL FRONT or the less known TRIARII. The most beautiful track, that among others leads my thoughts towards Simone Salvatori's (SF) last album, is by far "Who Stole The Sun From Its Place In My Heart" piece, whose lyrics should be learned by heart and afterwards sang/recited alongside Tomas on every single audition... Take my word for it, once you listen to this album, you won't be able to get away from it! I strongly recommend you to run through all the lyrics carefully, as Tomas's realm is a damn fascinating one, apocalyptic and perverse, gravitating around its key elements: blood, fire and sperm! Sinister, decadent, perverse, yet superb!



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