Serenity - Fallen Sanctuary

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.80/1

SERENITY (AUT) - "Fallen Sanctuary" CD'08
I admit that I am tormenting myself into carefully listening to such sonorities, hoping that, maybe, just maybe, I will find something interesting within. KAMELOT or SONATA ARCTICA are standard sort of bands for this Melodic Symphonic Metal approach, while EDENBRIDGE could be considered a band that sounds identically to SERENITY. Based on a very bombastic sound, with an abundant Progressive touch, and very pompous normal voices (including female ones), choirs even, plus prolonged riffs with Heavy Metal elements, a drum that beets rapid or staccato rhythms, and a keyboard that amplifies a less than Dark dimension, but a more extraverted one, with a very present bass; therefore, SERENITY present a stylish album, well done, sounding quite alright. Just that there is no originality within, no identity of its own. Otherwise, it is a pleasant audition, especially if it's not listened repeatedly. It is a trendy album, with no remarkable expressivity.


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