Sirenia - An Elixir For Existence

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.90/1

SIRENIA (NOR)-"An Elixir For Existence" CD'04
(9 tracks, 53. 51 min)

I have waited for this album (belonging to Morten Veland's band -ex-TRISTANIA-) with great impatience and interest and I must say I really am pretty confused! Why so? Because I waited for much more of imagination and for some new elements! Unfortunately, the new tracks are pretty close to be identical with the ones featured on the debut and solely the vocal interchange plus contrasting concepts (melody versus aggressiveness, romantic/explosive) might be considered fundamental points for this sound! Even worse... for this time we miss Peter's magnificent violin and those passages with clear clean vocals... and those vocals used to get in resonance with the rest of instruments and actually managed to create a kind of stylistic equilibrium! There are some remains of violin from time to time but rather too faded and in lack of any charm! The album is based on a common effort of four musicians who are entertained by the usual choir mastered by synth. It would be a huge mistake to say it is not a good album! On the contrary, I listen to it with great pleasure and I really like it. Nevertheless, as far as I thought I knew Morten, I expected him to come with a real artistic "bomb"...both as music and concept "in se"... assuming he released the debut in a big haste...! Henrietta Bordvik's voice is rather too fragile and while listening to it... you might have the impression there is innocence itself down on earth! But here comes Morten in a very dynamic and aggressive manner with a voice in lack of any inflections but trying to impose a dark angry note to the sound. It is interesting to notice that the conceptual structure is still based on Gothic and many passages remind me of FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, but more likely as a Metallic cover version. I'd say that choirs remained a key element in SIRENIA's sound and I realize that Morten follows the same line he originated with TRISTANIA. "Star-Crossed" seems to be a great track and here... the male choirs simply mesmerize and give a thrilling note to an Atmospheric sound in Norwegian version! Otherwise... we have Metallic guitars, rhythmic battery, melodic explosive tunes and a bombastic keyboard! This is just another sample of first class Norwegian Black Gothic Metal, which keeps catching up with today's fashion!


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