Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.92/1

SIRENIA (NOR)-"At Sixes And Sevens" CD'02
(54. 00 min, 9 tracks)

I sometimes find myself in quite an ambiguous situation, dilemma, if you like better this term, regarding my musical preferences when listening is the issue... Black Metal? Gothic? Doom? Or maybe Ambient? If it was to reduce the area to Gothic Black Metal I could choose anytime for TRISTANIA, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED, the old-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY...yet the last TRISTANIA's material left the Black dimension and reached a romantic level...towards Rock....while TSOTB is just a pale copy of the up-mentioned band...TOT became cheap even if its old sound is still comes to a certain saturation...
Well, well, under such view, SIRENIA is coming in forth with a Black Gothic in TRISTANIA's first album-"Widow's Weed" manner. And I find it natural as long as this band's leader is no one else but Morten Veland, TRISTANIA's ex-mentor; and to be more correct he is the one who conceived its first albums-so well seen on Metal scene. After the well known break-up Morten had with Vibeke Stene& Co, he decided not to leave the melodic Metal scene bringing up a debut full of Gothic-Atmospheric which is based, of course, on the super-usual contrast (melodic-aggressive), a powerful antagonistic male voice in Black/Death manner, as well as a strong baritone clear one (Jan Kenneth/ELUSIVE), a fragile but predominant female voice (although a little too timid in comparison with what is to be heard in TRISTANIA), abundant synth, diverse choirs, intelligent effects, extremely fast and entertaining guitars while Pete Johansen's violin (THE SCARR) successfully intervenes in the entire 9 tracks! Everything sounds sharp and is excellently envisioned and performed...a well smartened up album which certainly shall strike the extreme melodious side of Metal! As far as the news is regarded, SIRENIA has a "great" minus since the sound is pretty common to Gothic bands from Stavanger, not preserving even a shade of innovation or originality. It is, if you prefer, a kind of continuation of less praised "Beyond The Veil", but with some inspiration of "World Of Glass". All in all: a particular album, pleasant to the ear in headphones as well as on the stage..., pretty voluble and full of dynamism and skilfulness!


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