Sonata Arctica - Silence

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.67/1

(61. 54 min, 13 tracks)

I pleasantly remember "Eliptica" powerfully stroke STRATOVARIUS fans and all in sympathy with Power Metal. The Finnish' debut was regarded with interest and sensitivity yet also with envy as the one's hope was for the second album to be a bluff or, probably for the best, not to fascinate. Nevertheless, on contrary, SONATA ARCTICA has decided to insist on Epic, Progressive and Heavy Metal and thus, the album can be considered one of the most representatives of its kind. Bombastic keyboards, rhythmical guitars, technical battery, shocking choirs, acoustic guitar tunes, aggressive voice together with a normal melodic one, grand piano and even a female voice...all in all everything melts not at all originally but harmoniously into a crystal recording and a super-natural design of the booklet. DREAM THEATER fans will find as well great pleasure and satisfaction into this sound and, as a recommendation for the album's best track you should try "The Power One". Although I am not mad about such style I must admit it gained my attention for two consecutive auditions yet nothing else. Why so? Perhaps because of the bright glowing appearance of the sound or too much positive energy and optimism and this might become, at a certain point, a major concern.


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