Theatres des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.81/1

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES (ITA)-"Bloody Lunatic Asylum" CD'01
(61. 58 min, 11 tracks)

Almost incredible the sound of this project! I have listened to "Nosferatu, eine Simphonie des Grauens" promo tape a few years ago but it did not even cross my mind Lord Vampyr would be capable of offering such album for the present times! What trophies can TDV be proud of before the signing with PHR? There are only two materials: "Vampyrisme, necrophilia, necrosadisme, necrophagie" (1995) and "The Vampire Chronicles" (1999). If they did not sustain some gigs in England (Myth si Vampiria III) most certainly, the sixth musicians would not have managed to penetrate the modest and overfilled UG! I should also mention that since Lord Vampyr knew Gian Pyres (CRADLE OF FILTH) it was quite a big help for TDV to contact Tim Fraser, CHRISTIAN DEATH' manager, and thus PHR label. During the live performance, the Britain were surprised indeed of such "horifica" atmosphere this Italian band could create while being supported in ideas by David Bracci, the well known "effect maker" for horror artist Dario Argento!
Vampirical obsessions combined with themes such sex blood or horror imposes TDV as a respectable band with an exquisite background if taking in account that Lord Vampyr has studied for some years this particular field! Their sound is complex, various but I could not say as following any particular style although the most appropriate would be Black, Gothic, Dark, Epic and Atmospheric Metal shades. The male voice has certain inflexions that remind me of Dani/CRADLE OF FILTH while the female ones, rather gathered together as small choirs, perfectly harmonizes with the rest of the atmosphere, which I must say is built up by modest players without noticeable skills. The sampler creates a magic aura while the other accessories do nothing but to paint an occult, horror, violent less yet captivating and pleasing to the ear picture. From another point of view, the multitudes of ideas and trends slightly get boring for the listener, as TDV is a band that can only be appreciated at its true value when playing live.


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