Theatres des Vampires - Suicide Vampire

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.90/1

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES (ITA)- "Suicide Vampire" CD'02
(42. 06 min, 10 tracks)

Sick diabolic minds...! The new material, more symphonic, Gothic Atmospheric and orchestral than the up mentioned one with two female voices strongly supported by clear imposing male vocals as well as by the presence of amazing choirs and outstanding non-Metal instruments!
Black Gothic Horror Epic Symphonic Metal fusion is actually impressing and sounds avant-garde awards the sound with a proper unique dimension. Well, I'd give anything to see and listen to them live! One small detail: between the two albums they released "Iubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001", a diabolic material but I tend to see it more like a show than like a conceptual one.


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