Tristania - World Of Glass

Source: Kogaionon
Rating: 0.95/1

TRISTANIA (NOR)-"World Of Glass" CD'01
(55. 43 min, 9 tracks)

What can I say about a band that crossed over the average line that delimitates other analogous bands? The new album is really fantastic! In deed, it is much too commercial, I would say with too many Rock flashes but would it matter?! Of course not, since everything sounds great being well balanced dominating and strongly attractive. In other words, TRISTANIA goes for the same complementary line, the female voice (Vibeke Stene) often communicates with the antagonistic one (Ronny Thorsen/TRAIL OF TEARS), as well as with the clear male ones (Osten Bergoy si Jan Barkved), guitars perform divergent riffs, from Rock and Gothic to Black and Death Metal. Einar's synth reminds of Industrial hues, the choral arrangements feature classical elements, and Pete Johansen's violin (THE SCARR) transmits the listener a nostalgic mood while Kenneth Olson's battery is simple but potent... all in all it is a TRISTANIAN sound! It seems like the missing of the vocal Morten Veland did practically not affect this album. If "Beyond The Veil" was too soft or Black Metal, well, "World Of Glass" is absolutely different since the romantic aura can provide the listener such certain mood of peace and comfort which is rarely met in Gothic Metal! If " Widow's Weeds" can be judged as the best Gothic Black Metal album of the last five years, the new one exceeds by far the Gothic borders, as diversity and sum of all influences make almost impossible any characterization of such new style! Perhaps it is about Romantic Metal?! If I had to add one more single would be that when playing live, TRISTANIA are real maestros and thus only envy and limitation of some might underline negative aspects of this album!


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