Interview with Nightwish 127


1 What food can't you eat?
I am so omnivorous a person can be. In Japan I was able to eat a whole 28 course dinner, which included decomposed aubergine, whales and puffers.

2 Best looking female artist?
Shania Twain

3 What embarrasing clothes do you have in your closet?
I wonder if it is embarrasing but I have a brown velvet long flared jeans. I never wear them. These are from 70´s ballroom.

4 If you were girl, what would be your name?
My parents told me that they had decided a name before I was born, If I became boy, the name would be Tuomas. If a girl my name would be Riikka.

5 Why did you stop singing?
I have never even started. I don’t like to sing and I can't sing. The first album is a good lesson.

6 Who was the first celeb you got to know?
The first probably was Lenni-Kalle Taipale, whom says that he is a fan and played Gethsemane in the Joonas hytönen show ( this lenni played piano that show).

7 Do you have nicknames?
läpsy, Tumppi, Tuoppi, kanttori Holopainen…..not so many. Usually everyone calls me Tuomas.

8 How tall are you? Does your head hit the cottage sauna roof?
That’s pretty good! 183cm and yes it hits, unless I bend.

9 Would you be a tiger or a lion?
The tiger is the most beautiful animal in world. Tiger.

10 What did you want to become when you were small?
As long as I remember I wanted to be a seabiologist. Then something special happened and music took me away.

11 Were you at school a genious or a troublemaker?
Looking at me now it might be hard to believe that I was a really good boy. Bit of a lonely wolf. Not really the reading type, but I managed very well. 9th grade report almost everything was a 10 and average was 9,8. I didn’t read every night, I just managed and liked some subjects. But I also had alife!

12 What schools have you been to?
Comprehensive school, high school and 6 months Kuopios university. But it didn’t work out.

13 What is your occupation and when did you graduate?
None, I never will. I still train myself to be a musician.

14 How has the band been formed?
We all were in the same highschool in Kitee. I had a few songs and I wanted to record them and to find players for the band. I gathered them from school halls.

15 Can you make any plans or is the record label making all decisions?
We still decide everything! That has always been and will be so! At the point someone comes to tell me what to do and how to dress, I quit.

16 Why do you keep yourself the nightwish boss? Has succes risen to your head?
I have made this band, made all songs and lyrics. In every band there is a leader, even a band is democracy. It is the same as in states. I don’t think success has risen to my head. In fact the higher we go, the humble we are. Maybe the hardest part was to see your own face in magazines. In the Finnish hard music scene I have not met any fuckhead/pisshead.

17 How do you prepare before going on stage?
The last 10 minutes I need to be totally alone, go through the songset and have a few calming drinks.

18 What is your worst horror on stage?
Every time I try to sing live.

19 If you could change your name, what would it be?
I wouldn’t change it. I am very satisfied with my name.

20 Do you read Suosikki? And which other magazines?
Sometimes I read it. I get Donal Duck, Uncle Lina, travelguide, Science.

21 Your fans are wondering about some internetgallery photos of you? Have you put them yourself there?
I don’t undertand anything about computers, I don’t even know how to put photos to the internet. I have never put photos there.

22 Can you crochet or knit?
No I can't. I wish I could.

23 Can you speak any other language than finnish?
English goes fine, some german and very little swedish.

24 What thing you have bought, can't you give up?
Disney collection

25 In which age did you give up a bedtime toy?
At the age of 7-8 or 9 a dark brown teddybear. I remember sleeping well with it.

26 What is the most beautiful in Finland?
Seasons. I can't live in a place where is summer all the time.

27 Do you believe in god? If not, what do you believe in?
My whole life is based on the philosophy that everything is possible, but I am not 100% sure. I have the feeling that there is a higher power.

28 How was your first kiss and when did it happen?
I was in the usa as an exchange student - 16-yers old. I was in a drive in movie in my family´s cameron (car) with a girl I didn’t even know. Suddenly she turned around and gave me a horrible big wet long kiss. It was the last time we saw eachother. I don't have a nice memory about my first kiss.

29 What's your ideal woman?
I like next door girls. Natural beauty, absolutely real, nice and self-assured. Do not come close to me if you have long pink pvc boots and lots of make-up.

30 If you wrote a love letter, what would be the first sentence?
I have never written a love letter. hmm…. oh you my loved one and "world´s center .(he says belly fact is sounds that he is totally pissed off about this question…)

31 What kind of wedding you want?
If the miracle that I marry should ever happen, I want an old fashioned winter wedding. Absolutely in church and horses sled away.

32 What name would you give to your daughter?
I have always liked the name Meri (that is sea)

33 If you could be born again, would you rather be a man or a woman?
As a child I thought about this and if you are a man, you must go to the army. As a woman you give birth to a child. A man is good to be.

34 What do you think about Paris Hilton and Britney?
I have never met them, so I can't say. Britney is really nicelooking. One thing I have learned in this business is to never make assumptions based on magazines.

35 In the Devil & the deep dark ocean song there is an odd cackle and scream. Where does that noise come from?
Tarja plays witch.

36 What colour is your hair and how often do you dye it? Midbrown and I dye it every second month.

37 What do you think about idols or popstars?
I have not watched it very often. I don’t like this format. To make money only troubles me. The artist go on stage for the same reason we do and I am on their side. For many young ones this is the perfect way. To big bosses in record labels these are young and sensitive persons. You should treat them differently than you do with machines.

38 What's your best and worst childhood memory?
My whole childhood until I was 12 had been heaven on earth. The only bad memories are the deaths of my pets. We had 5 cats, 2 dogs and rat at best. I still miss the loving Samu-dog.

39 Who has the best beard you, Emppu, Jukka, Tarja or Marco?
This is so clear, Marco.

40 How huge is your cottage island and birth place of Nightwish?
About 100x100meters, isn't that one hectare?

41 If you could choose 3 things you could change about yourself, what would they be?
I would like to be more patient and more unselfish. And I want a smaller nose.

42 What do you want for your birthday and where can it be sent to?
My room is full of stuff that it cannot fit anything else. Selfmade cards are the best. Some fans send them. You can send them to the record label.

43 What's your paradise?
Absolutely my young age 4-12. I had the most happiest childhood and home. It is still my paradise.

44 How were you talked into dressing as a pirate? You look bit ease on the poster?
They tried to talk me into dressing like Spiderman or Tarzan. Pirate was my own idea. I have always had a fixation on pirates. Jack Sparrow is the coolest character in movie history.

45 Which one you are you: Donald Duck or Micky Mouse?
Absolutely Donald. Donald gets the job done. Mickey gets help from Goofy and does nothing himself. Saucy lash tail.

46 What is best book of Stephen King?
I have read almost all of them, Tokikohta ja talismaani. (I don’t know the English names "base and talisman?")

47 If it would be possible to be a dreamlands character, who would you be?
When I read "lord of ring" for the first time at the age of 7, it changed my life. I would love to be Frodos convoy for taking the ring……

48 Do you sleep in black satin bed-sheets?
Almost right, dark violet.


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