Anathema + Sahara Dust Live » 013 Tilburg - December 15 2002

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Anathema + Sahara Dust

013 Tilburg - December 15 2002

A pretty risky bill this afternoon in the big hall of 013. Headliners Anathema hadn't played in such a big concert hall in The Netherlands for quite a while and support act Sahara Dust plays their very first live show this afternoon. In spite of that this combination was good for a good number of visitors which was certainly due to the cusiosity for the new band...

Text & pics by: Michiel B.

Sahara Dust treated us with a very tight and musical set. Their 6 own songs were drowned in musical influences as we know them from After Forever, which can easily be explained by the fact that guitarist/vocalist/composer Mark Jansen is responsible for at least half of this sound. From time to time the band members seemed to be a little uncomfortable on such a big stage but the crowd didn't care. In between the songs their hands really found their way together and when the After Forever cover "Follow In The Cry" (with a nice "I Will Survive"-like piano intro) was played all hell broke loose in front of the stage. Female vocalist Simone has a bright voice that unfortunately still misses some force and body. Nevertheless I have never seen a band making such a strong debut the way Sahara Dust did this afternoon.. You will here more of them!

And then it was time for today's headliners: Anathema! With the third Cavanagh-brother, bass player and identical twin brother of vocalist Vinnie, Jamie back in the squad the band made a strong impression. The band (and Jamie in particular) were very enthousiastic and the crowd sang along with the set, mainly consisting of material from the past 3 albums. Though it were the old songs that made the crowd go wild mostly. At the end of the set the band surprised with a piano version of the title track from "The Silent Enigma" followed by the really sensitive "One Last Goodbye" and the always present "A Dying Wish" and "2000 And Gone" for this occasion with lyrics. After this the band left the stage in order to return to play "Sleepless" and Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" (H.E.L.L. Y.E.A.H.)

Despite the terrible sound every now and then this had been a marvellous Sunday in 013.. I'm dying for the next releases of both bands...


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