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After Forever - Monolith Of Doubt (CD single)
Transmission Records

After Forever - Monolith Of DoubtHorst: Things are going pretty well for these Dutch Gothic Metal talents. Their latest album ‘Decipher’, which was released in 2001, has done very good in the Metal world and resulted in a lot of touring (with Nightwish among others) and appearances on a lot of important festivals last summer. Recently the second single of this album, ‘Monolith Of Doubt’ was released. People that own the album surely will know this tune, for it is on it, but this is the single version. Also the track ‘Forlorn Hope’ comes from ‘Decipher’.

More interesting therefore are the other tracks. ‘For The Time Being’ is a pretty cool track in the best possible After Forever tradition, with lots of orchestral parts and a devastating middle-piece, in which the members of the band really let it loose. ‘Imperfect Tenses’ already featured on the first single, with as guest singer Damian Wilson (also present now), but has been granted another go. This time however it is a complete orchestral version.

Basically this is a pretty nice single, especially ‘For The Time Being’ justifies a potential purchase. But there is one thing nagging me in the back of my mind. All these tunes are written or co-written by Mark Jansen, the guitarist who left After Forever somewhere this year. The loss of the most important songwriter is something which caused a lot of trouble for a lot of bands in the past, so I am quite curious about how After Forever are going to deal with this when the song writing for the new album starts.


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