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Edenbridge - Aphelion

Ferdi: Edenbridge has often been compared in the press to the Finnish band Nightwish. Wrongly, in my opinion. Although both bands utilise female vocals, the differences are obvious to anyone who cares to listen. Whereas the music of Nightwish is based on theatrical parts with a lot of bombast, Edenbridge cares more about atmosphere and melody. The only thing they have in common is the sex of their vocalists, but it reeks of narrow-mindedness to call one band an imitation of another just because the singers happen to be of the same genre.

So let’s hope that Edenbridge’s new album will end those unjustified comparisons once and for all. Because comparing the two would be disrespectful for the beautiful music of this band from Austria. On their third release they’ve taken their own sound a bit further than on Sunrise In Eden and Arcana by adding more progression to the sound. Nevertheless, the core of Edenbridge is still made up by the enchanting vocals of Sabine and the musical depth provided by keyboardplayer and guitarist Lanvall. Just try to listen to the CD through a headphone, and you‘ll be absorbed in the detailed musical landscapes this band has created. On their third album the band sounds slightly more progressive, and the added orchestration makes you wonder if Lanvall has been listening to a huge pile of Howard Shore-soundtracks.

Aphelion is typically one of those CD’s that you need to listen to a couple of times to truly appreciate it’s musical depth. On the surface the music might not seem very deep or emotional, but delve into it a bit deeper and you’ll discover that it’s strength lies in enchanting the listener with it’s beauty. This makes Aphelion a crafted CD that no fan of intelligent power metal should go without.


Rating: 86/100



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