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Finntroll - Jaktens Tid
Century Media

Horst: If there’s something I enjoy a lot the last few years is has to be the mixing of traditional folk music with the well-known heavy guitars ‘n drums. Bands like Laberinto (South-America), In Extremo (medieval), Skyclad and Chruachan (Celtic) managed to surprise me a lot in the past, and the next in line to shock me must be the Finish band Finntroll. And yeah, you guessed it alright I guess, these blokes are returning to their Finish roots en are responsible for a nice mix between Metal and something called ‘Humppa’ (Finish Polka or something like that), varied with ‘Joik’, an ancient kind of singing done by Laplanders. Now I’m not an exert on ‘Joik’ or ‘Humppa’, but this combinations swings like hell. ‘Jaktens Tid’ is this band’s second CD, and the ancient rhythms are working surprisingly well with the standard metal riffs, which vary from rather traditional Heavy Metal to Black Metal like riffs. The vocals are ‘blackish’, but as soon as the ‘joiking’ starts the contrast is hilarious (in a positive way). Most of the songs are up-tempo and every now and then supported by intro’s which can be used easily as music for a movie or something (the instrumental track ‘Bakom Varje Fura’ by the way sounds a lot like the theme music from the moving picture "Beetlejuice’). Also an accordion (or keys that sound like that) is often used, which only contributes to the overall party atmosphere on the album, check out Vid Blödsalv’ of ‘Kitteldags’, and try to sit still in your chair. Now I haven’t got a clue were the lyrics are all about, for my Finish is quite rusty these days, but I bet that it deals with ancient story’s about Trolls and shit from Finland. Yes, this is a rather good and intriguing album which will do quite nice on a cool party, and most certainly worth taking some time out at the record shop to try it out. In the meantime I’ll go and look for the debut album…


Rating: 87/100



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