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HIM - Love MetalYvette: “There we were. Gas a hopeless Slayer addict and Burton completely hooked on Tchaikovsky. Mige getting high on Brian Eno and Linde tripping on Jimi Hendrix on a regular basis. Me, I was curing my hangovers with shots of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.” - Valo’ Who would ever think that this bunch of guys would invent the genre ‘Love Metal’ A drummer who fancies Dave Lombardo doesn’t cover songs of Chris Isaac, does he? He does!

I can imagine that the term Love Metal may cause some people urges to puke their guts out but this is not entirely justified. The Finnish Him based the name of their fourth and new album on this genre after all, they are the kings, or I prefer to say, the princes on the white horse of the Love Metal

Him acquired their fame with the single ‘Join me’ which scored high in many hit parades in Europe. The accompanying album ‘Razorblade Romance’ is full of catchy Gothic Rock and was a great success. The first album ‘The Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666’, achieved success among others because of the Chris Isaac-cover ‘Wicked Game’. The album which we’re talking about now may be the best album in this row. Him showed their listeners already that they can write infectious, soul crushing songs, now the time has come to explore the Rock ‘n’ Roll side of love

Listening to the opening song, ‘Burried Alive by Love’, it seems as if the guys are over with the sensitive songs. A Stoner rock-like guitar riff almost slingshots me out of my chair. I think Valo has heartache and is really angry. Anyhow it sounds way heavier than the former work by the band. Also the song ‘Soul on Fire’ makes you wander if the other gender did the guys any harm, because they get wicked but soon on the album I hear that Him has kept their charm and the image that they’ve built the past few years. ‘The Funeral of Hearts’ and ‘The Sacrament’ sound old-fashioned heartrending and pure. The horny hiccups and puffs which singer Valo gave away so easily on the former work are reduced to a more realistic amount. Only after a few listen sessions the songs begin to get straight-in-the-face and catchy. That’s what I find the best thing of ‘Love Metal’, they don’t give away the songs for free like on ‘Razorblade Romance’ though it are very cool sing-along-songs. These songs have more foundation then the former creations of the band, I would almost say that they have more character and will hold longer because of that. One of my favourites is ‘Beyond Redemption’ a speedy song, Himmish because of the synthesiser sounds, ‘foul’ because of the guitar riffs and convincing because of the powerful voice, that last thing you’ll find on every song of this album also caused by the production of the record which is done in the celebrated Finnvox studio in Helsinki.

It’s all amazing, the new songs, the sound, the video of ‘Burried Alive by Love’ in which femme fatal, Juillet Lewis (Natural Born Killers) has a part, the attention paid to the artwork. Him exceeds itself. This is the best album they ever made! All the other stuff was foreplay…This is real Love Metal!!


Rating: 90/100



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