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Kamelot - Epica
Noise Records

Kamelot - EpicaFerdi: Kamelot is no stranger in the world of heavy metal. What used to be synonymous to the castle from which King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table gave fuel to legends, has become synonymous to high class progressive powermetal by a subtle change of the first character of the name. After a somewhat tough period with a different singer in the first half of the nineties, and after a badly produced album with vocal maestro Roy Khan, the group developed into a really special entity through The Fourth Legacy (’99) and Karma (2001).

With their new release Epica, Kamelot’s status as one of the most respected metal bands of the moment can only grow. This is, in many respects, Kamelot’s most progressive release to date. Epica is an ambitious concept-CD, bast on Goethe’s literary masterpiece Faust. The music and the lyrics of this CD are subtly though thoroughly connected to each other, which makes the CD come across as a truly complete piece of music. Whereas Karma was a fairly traditional CD in terms of lyrical content and song structure, this CD tends to throw al common rules regarding common songwriting overboard. This leads to a spellbinding collection of songs with which Kamelot has reinvented itself once again. In some songs the contrasts between the chorus and the verses have disappeared completely, making this a difficult CD to get grips with at first. But give Epica some time, and its beauty will unfold like the leaves of a flower after the midsummer rain. Most songs work on different levels, making them a true challenge to even the trained listener. At this point I feel that I should mention the lyrics as a part of Epica’s beauty as well. Kamelot has always been at the forefront where it comes to writing great lyrics, but this time Roy Khan has really outdone himself. The lyrics are evocative, slightly decadent, partly romantic and overall very descriptive; and manage to retain the dignity of the original story. All of the above can lead up to only one conclusion: that Epica is one of the best CD’s in this genre. Ever.


Rating: 92/100



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