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My Dying Bride - The Voice Of The Wretched (Live at 013 Tilburg)

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Michiel B.: Collectors of My Dying Bride material can get busy again. On behalf of label Peaceville's 2 albums entitled "Meisterwerk I & II" were released and this time we are treated to the DVD "For Darkest Eyes" (nice link to "For Darkest Skies") including all released videos of the band,together with a huge collection of pictures and the live performances at the Dynamo Open Air festival in 1995. (a limited edition 4-track bonus-CD has been released together with "The Angel And The Dark River") and one at Krakow , Poland from 1996 (of which an official video has been released already) As well as the live album "The Voice Of The Wretched" containing the concert the band held at the 013 club in Tilburg , The Netherlands on behalf of the Peacefest last year March.

Coincidence or not: This show was definitely one 1 of the best live shows I have ever witnessed. The typical My Dying Bride live show atmosphere is hardly done by any others and therefor it's a hard job to get this atmosphere on CD but I think the band has really succeeded. While listening to this album I drift away back to the time I was listening to this extremely good and tight performed gig. Once again the intro's of "She Is The Dark", "The Cry Of Mankind" and "Symphonaire..." bring back loads of shivers and goosebumps. And this time the surprise of the new song "A Cruel Taste Of Winter", which was released on the latest album "The Dreadful Hours", has been replaced by a feeling of recognition (the live version is completely identical to he album version). Both the mix (I haven't hardly heard a live album which had such a bright mix) as well as the specially for this occasion made set-list (nearly all albums are represented) are balanced perfectly, all 10 songs are performed brilliantly (although Martin Powell can never be replaced for 100% by the keyboards) and after 75 minutes of heavy and melancholic sounds my hunger to see the grandmasters of doom metal live again has only grown stronger.. I can't wait for this Summer!!!

By the way, my promo copy (both the cover as well as the CD) contains misprints: the songs "Turn Loose The Swans' and "The Snow In My Hand" have been changed in the play-list. Hopefully this error has been fixed with the actual release.. 


Judge M.'s verdict: 90/100



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