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My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours

Michiel D.: After the swindle of the two Meisterwerk albums is here the long-awaited real meisterwerk of My Dying Bride titled The Dreadful Hours. The band had given us at the Peacefest a foretaste of the new album in the shape of the new song A cruel Taste of Winter. In my opinion The Dreadful Hours is equal or maybe better than The Light at the End of the World. On the new album the band play more then ever before with blackmetalvocals and evil synthparts en sometimes the band play almost a blastbeat. The structure of the songs is great! From restrained modest melodies the songs reached to brutal bombastic pounding parts with growling vocals. The band have also done a re-recording of the classic The Return of the Beautiful which is for this opportunity turned into The return to the Beautiful. With a total playing time of 70:55 is this a compelled purchase for every My Dying Bride fan....


Rating: 98/100


zJasper: After the "Best of" CD’s 'Meisterwerk 1' and 2, 'The Dreadful Hours' is passed onto us from the bleak Midlands of England, a CD which second title might just have been 'Meisterwerk 3' as far as I'm concerned...for how beautiful this album turned out to be! Like many others I had given up hope a bit after '34.788 %...complete', which does contain rather enjoyable parts after multiple listening, and for a while it seemed that the band would split up, having lost a guitarist, drummer and violin/keymaster. Until the beautiful 'The Light at the End of the World' came out, full of drama, melancholy and deathgrunts. While that album leans a lot on the melancholical side, the band does the same on 'The Dreadful Hours', in a much, much darker way. The whole CD breathes a very obscure and eerie atmosphere and on top of that the pedal is pressed to the metal at times. 'The Raven and the Rose' for example contains a fast part which could almost be described as black metal, and the doublebass and chords heavy as shit are almost continuously present. 'La Piglie della Tempesta' could be described best as a dark variation on 'The Cry of Mankind' with the same kind of constant guitar melody and a strong compelling rhythm. The song is overall somewhat different from the rest of the songs on the CD. It's remarkable how much singer Aaron has grown, he sings at much more pitches than before. And keymistress Yasmin has become a worthy successor of Martin Powell, but gladly there are no attempts of simulating the violin on this album, because live the result was a bit disappointing actually. The concluding song 'The Return to the Beautiful' could fit perfectly on the band's debut 'As the Flower withers'. Uhm hang on, it ís an old song, the band has re-recorded 'The Return of the Beautiful' from that album. This is one of my MDB-favorites and I hope that the band will play it live, after 'Sear me III', 'Symphonaire Infernus' and this recording anything could be possible. This version is not very different from the original, only difference are a few added breaks with dark sounds (and a bit from 'The Bitterness and the Bereavement' in the background, another hint?), and even the blastbeat has been left in its old glory! So it's actually a sincere tribute to the past of the band, I have already been speculating with a friend of mine, which old song would be picked up next by the band! My Dying Bride has made another full-scale return, the sun sets again like in the old days over the Midlands. It's ironic how all this somber sadness can make me so happy!


Rating: 92/100



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