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Sahara Dust - Cry For The Moon (Demo)


Sahara Dust - Cry For The MoonMichiel B.: Shit happens. Being founder and one of the leading composers and writer of lyrics in After Forever and on the eve of the band's big break they tell you you're fired. And instead of playing the big Pinkpop festival and sharing many stages in Europe with Nightwish you end up empty-handed. In a case such as this one you can do two things: either you start and keep being sad or you put all your energy in forming a new band just the way Mark Jansen did. And the last thing happened. Sahara Dust was born and the expectations were quite high in advance...

Despite a few starting problems (a reliable female vocalist and drummer were harder to find as they hoped) on this 2-track demo CD there is a band with a lot of potential and experience as well. Guitarist Ad Sluijter and drummer Jeroen Simons learnt the job with Cassiopeia, bass player Yves is also in Belgium's Axamenta and we all know Mark's story by now. Newcomers in metal are mezzo soprano Simone Simons (not related to..) and keyboard player Coen Janssen (no family either..)

In less than 12 minutes Sahara Dust proves that the high expections were correct. Mark follows the musical path he started in After Forever. The material really reminds me of "Prison Of Desire" with here and there some Iced Eath-like guitar riffs and Arabic melodies and the continuation of Mark his textual cold war againt organised religions (especially Islam) entitled "The Embrace That Smothers" in "Cry For The Moon" ('Follow your common sence, you can not hide yourself, behind a fairytale. For ever, and ever..'). The cards are on the table now. This demo has been produced really professional (they even hired a real choir!) and while I'm writing this review, the band has entered the studio to record about 12 songs for their debut album which will be released through Transmission Records (After Forever, Ayreon) later on this year.

Many people might see Sahara Dust being an After Forever-clone or the next gothic metal band in line, but the band won't have much of a problem with that. Former Tristania's vocalist/guitarist/composer Morton Velend sounds quite familiar to his former band on his new project Sirinea so as long as the music is alright it wont bother the band that much and they probably consider it a great honour I guess.. A band that enters the scene so strong really deserve a spot in our Deadly Steel galley ...


Judge M.'s verdict: 90/100



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