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Sonata Arctica - Songs Of Silence - Live In Tokyo

Sonata Arctica - Songs Of Silence - Live In TokyoFerdi: In 2001 Sonata Arctica spend about a week in Japan. During that week the band played wo sold out performances in the country’s capital, Tokyo. During two nights the band recorded their shows, and the best one of these two has ended up on cd. ‘Songs Of silence – Live In Tokyo’ has twelve songs, taken from the two full-length cd’s that the group recorded. The thing that strikes me most about this cd is the incredible sound: the audio is superb. Very clean, transparent and at the same time very solid and heavy. The keyboardparts and guitarparts all sound very clear, even when the two are solo-ing at the very same time. I’d even go as far as saying that I actually prefer these recordings to the originals. By no means am I trying to imply that SA’s cd’s sound bad (they don’t), it’s just that these recordings sound more spontaneous and sincere. The only drawback of this cd is the singer who doesn’t manage to hit all the high notes towards the end of the set. But then again, he DID have a large cold when this album was recorded, and it’s only a small price to pay for such a good cd. The band is playing at the peak of their powers, and that – in combination with the great sound and the good setlist- is reason enough to give this cd a chance. Without a doubt one of the best live-cd’s that I’ve heard this year. Buy this motherfucker!


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