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Therion - The Secrets Of The Runes
Nuclear Blast

Horst: The classical Metal orchestra led by conductor Christofer Johnsson released with ‘Secrets Of The Runes’ yet another very strong and powerful album. The music is in the same vain as on the albums ‘Vovin’ and ‘Deggial’, but this new album is considerably heavier than its predecessor ‘Deggial’, and I don’t mind that one bit, because it only makes the album more dynamic. Of course all the Therion trademarks are included: the hind of classical compositions, the opera choir, Metal parts varied with orchestra elements, just about everything that makes Therion such a unique band in the Metal world. Nice detail: ‘Secrets Of The Runes’ is a concept album which deals with the Nine Worlds from the Scandinavian Mythology (more info about this subject you can find on http://noorse-mythologie.boogolinks.nl). One might say that Therion isn’t surprising anymore, for musically seen there’s nothing new happening, but I don’t think that people who are into Therion give a rats ass. And I’m way into Therion…


Rating: 91/100



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