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Tiamat - Prey
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Tiamat - PreyMichiel B.: During a listening session in Amsterdam mid August the European metal press was introduced to the new Tiamat album “Prey”. This was quite remarkable while Tiamat's last album “Judas Christ” originated from only 1 year ago. Personally I wasn't that charmed by “Judas Christ” as well as it's predecendent “Skeleton Skeletron” so I was quite curious what Tiamat had made of it this time.

Singing birds open the album with the band's new single “Cain”. Vocalist Jonah Edlund's singing is once again very introvert. During “Wings Of Heaven” the emotion comes dripping out of my speakers. Great song! The album takes its listener away from the beginning and all songs seems to fit perfectly together. In “Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine” Jonah gets vocal support by a female vocalist which makes this song remind me of Theatre Of Tragedy's Aégis. The title track then reminds me of Anathema. A song which easily could be released as a single is “Clovenhoof” (which is introduced by the similar sounding intro “The Garden Of Heathen”, something which confused many people including me). The album concludes with its longest song "The Pentagram" in which immediately comes clear that no less than Pink Floyd have been responsible for the inspiration of this song (a thing a German colleague – Cheers Gunnar!! - and yours truly made decide to start spontaniously singing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond") and confirmed by the guitar solo which could easily be played by Mr. David Gilmour himself.

The listening session was held at a small coffeeshop (those shops where The Netherlands are famous for). After hearing the album there I wondered why they had picked that specific location because in my opinion “Prey” itself already contains lots of elements to drag its listener to higher grounds. I dare to conclude that “Prey” is Tiamat's best album since the legendary “Wildhoney” already originating from 1994. And this when both albums aren't comparable at all. Tiamat once again show again one of their many faces.

Judge M.'s verdict: 87/100



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