Lords of Metal review » Tristania - World Of Class


Tristania - World Of Class
Napalm Records

Tim: Look, this here’s Gothic like Gothic Metal’s meant to be. Relaxed and laid-back passages varied with heavy and bombastic parts, grunt voices battling with angel like whispers, the excellent use of violins, the list is endless. If I’m compare this album to it’s predecessor than I think the conclusion is just that it’s all a bit more relaxed and quiet. Now don’t get me wrong, for it isn’t a complete transformation as with Theatre Of Tragedy, but the band decided to explore more of the vocal capacities of Vibeke Scene, probably because singer Morten Veland left the band. His place btw will be taken by one Kjetil Ingebrethsen on the coming tour. In a nutshell, if you’re a Gothic fan, take some time out to listen, you won’t be disappointed.


Rating: 90/100



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