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During the promotional tour for the new, self titled, After Forever album, Floor Jansen, mezzo-soprano for the band, visited Athens and… we couldn’t simply miss such an opportunity. Beautiful and… TALLful (1,83m) singer sat with us in her hotel room, talking about the new album, Nuclear Blast, new singers on the block and many more. Interview : Dimitris Kazantzis, Costas Koulis : This is your first time in Greece…

After Forever : Yeah! : After Forever is one of Greek people’s favorite bands, but you haven’t played live so far. Any reason for that?

After Forever : Well… I think it’s because we were working with a small independent label in Holland and the promotion and distribution here and in a lot of other countries was not very good. We never had the opportunity, we had concerts confirmed and then got cancelled… : Your new album is gonna be released in a few days…

After Forever : Yes, the 20th of April. : Congratulations, the album is excellent!

After Forever : Thank you! : Satisfied with the final result?

After Forever : Yes, of course! : Can you please tell me the differences between the new album and “Remagine”?

After Forever : Well, I think that this album is more like a compilation of all the styles we’ve had in the past, so there’s a little bit of “Remagine” in there, but also the progressive elements of “Invisible Circles”, more melodic, atmospheric, and metal stuff from “Decipher”, and the catchy things from “Remagine” and, for the first time, we did some industrial things… I think the sound is heavier, is better… with my voice, I did some “experimenting”, using my voice in all different “places”, from real opera to “lighter” voice to rock voice… this is more like a total overview of us. “Remagine” was part of an evolution and this album represents who we are, that’s why it became the self-title album, feel like this is a new start. Of course, most bands make their first album the self-title one, we chose to do it now, because we want to show who WE are today, who we were in the past and who will continue to be in the future and it’s like a new beginning, with the new company… : You had more time to work with your voice this time?

After Forever : No, not really… it’s like growing… when I first sang in an album I never had any singing lessons and I started studying at the same time and continued to study over the years. In different levels. At first I studied at the Rock Academy, then I studied about pop and rock music, took extra classes about music theatre. When I finished, I continued the music theatre studies for one more year, then one more year of opera. I developed my voice in all kinds of different styles. And, in this album, during the song-writing process, I had more space to work on my melodies, play with different sounds, it’s like a puzzle… it’s a part of our evolution as a band and mine, too. : You’ve had some special guests on this album. Doro, Jeff Waters… Can you please tell me more about this collaboration?

After Forever : I don’t feel that After Forever sound is similar to their sound, but we do have some influences from their music. And we thought it would be cool to emphasize that in our music… the real metal sound… to have Jeff Waters to emphasize the real metal stuff. He was at this show we did in Berlin, he really liked it. We didn’t get to meet afterwards. Sander, our guitarist was brought into contact with him, he’s a huge Annihilator fan and when we were doing “Energize me”, he thought it would be cool to have him as a guest and Jeff said yes right away… as for Doro… we thought it would be great to have a combination of her style, front heavy 80’s metal style with ours. Today, most female singers do lyrical stuff and she’s more on the rock side. She’s one of the first ladies in rock and we’re honored to have her in the album. : This is your first album with Nuclear Blast. Satisfied with the promotion?

After Forever : Yeah, very much! It’s a new thing, just a couple of months “old”, they are totally enthusiastic about it, it’s a real metal label, a well-oiled international company and, yeah, it totally goes for us… : How did it happen? The “marriage” with Nuclear Blast, I mean.

After Forever : Well, after it was announced that we’re looking for another record label, after finishing with Transmission Records, we got a lot of interest, a lot of companies, big, small, metal or even mainstream. We had a lot of offers to check out… Nuclear Blast is, of course, one of the biggest labels in the world; for us, for our ambitions, this was the best option. : First single is “Energize me”, it will be released as a “download single”. Are you satisfied with the whole “downloading” system?

After Forever : Well, it’s not the same everywhere, so we’ll also have the single “regularly” in stores. I think it’s a good thing, this whole evolution, It’s accessible to more people this way, in countries the album is not released yet. : Do you think you will do some classical music in the future?

After Forever : Well, I did study it. We’ll see… Opera world and rock world are entirely different… : If you had a girl, a young singer, in front of you, asking for advice, what would you tell her?

After Forever : To take singing lessons, for sure. If you want to do something in music, you have to know what it’s about. : Your band is part of a scene, regarding metal and female vocals, into metal and not old-school rock and roll. How do you feel about it?

After Forever : It’s cool to be part of that scene. The more bands appear the bigger the market gets… Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescence – of course. It’s still growing, it’s still expanding. : About this 2006 release, the “Mea Culpa” compilation… who’s idea was it?

After Forever : Transmission Records. We do not support this release at all. We didn’t get involved in choosing the tracks or… : … it was in the contract, right?

After Forever : They could do it. It was in the contract, they could do it. But we don’t have anything to do with it… : Should we expect you here for a show?

After Forever : We’re scheduling our tour now. We’ll start with some festivals in Europe, not Greece unfortunately, then some headlining appearances, then probably go to the States. The world has just become bigger, with Nuclear Blast. Keep checking our website for more updates. Altho, now that I’ve come here… : Floor, thank you so much for your time.

After Forever : Thank you, you guys! : Ehm… how tall are you anyway? (laughs)


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