Interview with Epica 4

Source: Metal Storm
By: Malcolm

I took a little chat, with the precious young singer from "Epica" and talked about "Epica" as well as everything around "Epica", such as Mark Jansen, Tours and the album "The Phantom Agony".

01) Your debut, "The Phantom Agony" was released in June; can you describe the album a bit closer? Background, theme, recording etc.

Simone: We record our album in Wolfsburg, Germany with the famous Sascha Paeth. For me it was the first time recording a whole album. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of it. Sascha is a great guy to work with and he made me feel comfortable. We spend 3 months in Germany to record the album, a wonderful time!!!
The concept of 'The embrace that smothers' continues. The rest of the album is just individual songs, with their own content. Mark writes a lot about political issues, believes, I write mostly about things that happen in your life that people can refer to.

02) "The Phantom Agony" is selling very well in your home country, Holland and not to bad around the world either, what is your reaction of the fans and the press?

Simone: Their reaction is GREAT! We love them; we had no negative critics at all. Of course our main goal was to make an album, to think that everyone would like it is just wonderful!

03) How does it feel to so young and fresh and enter the Metal world? And with someone like Mark by your side? I mean, it's no mediocre band you are singing in.

Simone: I didn't know what to expect. I was going to record an album, after that I did not know what was going to happen. We didn't expect to get so successful. I am still not used to that. In the beginning it was hard sometimes, but now I am more experienced because of the many shows that we have done in such a short period.

04) I guess you have answered this question a thousand times, but how is it to work with Mark?

Simone: A lot of fun :) But don't think that because of the fact that I am his girlfriend he doesn't get mad at me

05: How did you become the Lead singer in "Epica"? I mean, did someone tip them about you or did you take a shot and went to an audition?

Simone: I met Mark in the summer of 2001 on the After Forever chat. We got along great and I told him that I sing. He was looking for a singer for his side-project, perfect :) When we met we not only became musical partners :) But after a while Mark was getting very busy with After Forever, but then suddenly he was kicked out in April 2002. I supported him in everything but it was wise not to become the singer of his new band, because I was too young and unexperienced to be in a professional band. After a long search for singers, and me taking singing lessons I finally became the singer of the band, which made me very happy

06) I know that you have Tarja Turunen in Nightwish as a big idol, at least she was. Do you ever think that you can beat her? And became a big idol yourself and win the boys hearts?

Simone: It is not about beating :) I respect every talented musician. But I have already received mails of boys :) But making music is about feeling happy. Music makes me happy and it makes me even happier when people like our music. I love it when the crowd is singing along with Cry for the Moon

07) How does the future for "Epica"? Do you have some material for a new album? Any bigger tours? Outside of the circle around Holland, like to Sweden or the rest of Europe? And is there any solo project planed?

Simone: We are already working very hard on the new album. We are on schedule We are planning a tour through Portugal, Spain and France in 2004. Which I am looking forward to!!!

08) This is a hard one, I think. What is your favorite track on "The Phantom Agony"? I know it maybe can be hard, because it's your album and you sing the Live and so, but try. Mine is "Cry for the Moon", by the way, damn good song.

Simone: Sensorium, it is a song that sings a long A big bang when we come on stage, this song contains a lot of energy and wisdom.

09) What is your biggest dream? This is a very interesting questions I think, but with a to obvious answer.

Simone: To have a big house with lots of animals and Mark of course. And concerning the band a big tour in Brazil, Mexico, and Sweden Everywhere, I love to travel and we as a band are privileged to do it.

10) Do you have something to way to all your fans out there? And to all the readers on Metal Storm as well.

Simone: I hope that you will enjoy The Phantom Agony, as well on the album as with us on stage

11) And last, is there anything that you think I have forgotten? Something you want to add?

Simone: Thank you for this interview, it is my first Swedish interview Thank you for having interest in the band!!!! Many kisses and see you one day in Sweden!!!!!

A big thanks to you, Simone, that you took some of your precious time and answered my questions, I appreciate that. Thanks and good luck to you and the rest of the band, I hope to see you in Sweden some day.


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