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"The Finnish guy won't do any interviews - probably".


Darn those lines! I have just prepared so many things for Timo Kotipelto... Okay, now what? I've GOT to interview somebody. Till I heard, from the person in charge of the interviews "Well.... Simone Simons from Epica is here, too". Say what?


The interview took place at the Club Gagarin 205 office, along with the boys from the other webzines. It was a fine press-conference, the first one in her career. I just want to mention, and I'm sure that the boys will all agree with me, that the 20 years old, Dutch singer is BEAUTIFUL! She's an angel! An angel having no problem to talk with some lil'dev'l like me, hehehehe...


You were asked about the new Epica album and you used the phrase "adult album". What led you to characterize the album that way? Would you like to talk to us about the very essence of the album, regarding the preparation, the recording, the production?


Yeah... that album was something different. We all worked upon it, it was a "team-work" album, in contradiction to the first one, that was Mark's (Mark Jansen) work. We have worked with ideas we've all had, there was cooperation, there was a schedule. I really had fun at the recording sessions. My vocals are better. It was kinda experimental during the first album. I have taken classes for my vocals, on the other hand... it was my first recording, I sound better now, have more "self-esteem". We are all together in this album, as I said.


Would you say it was more "professional"?

Sure. Everything was in order. I knew exactly what I had to do. I do think that this album is more "taken care of", more "fine" in every detail...


Do you think you could call it "clinical"

Mmmmm, no, I'd say that things went as they should, though.


Would you like to do something else, a project outside metal? Like music for the cinema?

Yes, of course. That's why I'm "working" with my voice. I'm studying to sing all different kinds of stuff. I really like cinema music. I'd love to do something about that in the future. I think I'm gonna do something.


Simone was asked by my other colleagues, about women's place in metal. "Well, there are always that people saying "Boobs!", just by looking at a woman behind the mic. We are trying to show, to prove that we are as good as guys on stage or in the studio". Simone said that she really admires Tarja from Nightwish, Floor Jansen from After Forever, Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. She's met them in the past. At some point she was asked "what's your opinion about the cliche that "Bands with female vocalists don't belong to metal"? Her heavenly green eyes flashed and she simply said "Totally bullshit". Right on, Simone....

You referred to Epica, said that you started the band cause you were feeling "true musicians". That's fine. What's the target for Epica? What do you want to do? Sell millions of records? Universal recognition? Be around after twenty years? What?

We're new here, just started. We want to "stay". I'd love it if Epica could be around for many more years. To make albums, to go on tour, to visit countries, to travel around the world. I just wanted to say that we are open to all proposals, as long as they can cover our expenses, the band, the crew. Plus, to make something out of it and some money for us. We want to make music which we'll share with our fans. We want to be able to play everywhere. I also like to say that I want to do other things, too. To work with my voice, to sing other stuff...


Spread your wings, right?

And fly, fly away....


Simone had to leave to get ready for the show. We have to go, too. We chit chat for a couple of minutes, complimenting her, inviting her to Greece - again, wishing her best of luck. The gal is fine, the gal is right, the gal likes metal. So do we, so do we.. A Lot!


Costas Koulis


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