Interview with My Dying Bride 3

Source: Tartarean Desire

December 2001

This interview with the guitarist Hamish Glencross of My Dying Bride was done in December 2001. Some of the questions were aimed at Aaaron but Hamish still managed to answer them very well I think.

Hello, how are you doing?

I am doing very well thank you, slightly hungover but it is a rather alcoholic time of year!

Your new album "The Dreadful Hours" was recently released. It seems like you continued to develop the sound that you had on "The Light..."?

I see it very much as a progression further down the path which "The Light" was heading towards. I think the new album has a much deeper, darker and more diverse sound to "The Light". Also, whereas "The Light" was more reflective, "The Dreadful Hours" is more aggressive. It became very apparant during the writing of this new album this was the most natural step for us, but I am sure the next album will be somewhat of a departure from these last two records.

Are you happy with the final result or is there anything you would have liked to change?

We are all still very happy with the final result, the album has been finished for quite some time and I think the "honeymoon period" from the initial elation that the album was finished has ended now and we are still very proud of our work. I enjoy listening to it myself purely for enjoyment. I think that we have taken this particular side of My Dying Bride to it's potential and I look forward to writing the next album which shall be exploring new ground once again.

You have been faithful to your label Peaceville ever since the very beginning of your career. You must be very happy with their work for you?

It has indeed been a long and successful relationship between My Dying Bride and Peaceville, and one that we are happy will continue.

Will you be going on tour soon?

We will not be going on a full tour as such, but we will be playing festivals and a number of shows in as many places as possible. We shall start playing some shows in the Spring of 2002 but we do not have any confirmed details as yet. When we do, they will be on the web-site

How do you like playing live?

I love playing live and I think we perform an excellent live show. Aaron finds it very traumatic performing live, but of course he is the central focus of the live show and is genuinely pained throughout the performance. I love every aspect of touring from visiting different places and meeting new people to the actual performances themselves. One of the greatest things is when we are sharing the bill with bands I like and respect, and can enjoy their performances as well.

Could you please tell us about the lyrics of the album? I noticed that they are still very dark and sad with a lot of religious references.

I think that there are a lot of very stong emotions flowing through this album; there is obviously fear from the outset of the album, followed by rage, then the dreadful pain of loss as an horrific result. There is blind, all-encompassing love and the final sacrifice that can be given in love's name. There are angels and there are devils, and human beings in between being torn apart for their feelings and beliefs. There is insanity, murder and lust and the damning actions of man.

What does "Et gelidus hoc voluntas firmamentum" and "Ego deicere tu pereant" mean?

It means, "The Return of the Beautiful is a great song" and "So we'll re-record it in 10 year's time"... If this was an exam I would probably fail!

Have you studied latin or do you just look up the words and phrases when you write your lyrics?

Aaron draws inspiration from many sources when writing lyrics, but I'm not sure how much Latin he has studied or how much he researched when writing those lyrics. We have a song on the new album called "Le figlie della tempesta" which is Italian for "The daughters of the storm" - that song stands out quite considerably from the the rest of the album in terms of both mood and music, and the title reflects the song perfectly. It was the right language to use in this instance.

Jonny Maudling from Bal-Sagoth contributed with most of the keyboards for the new album, how come Yasmin didn't play all of them?

Yasmin has been playing keys for our live shows for quite some time but she wasn't involved in writing the new album apart from contributing to "A Cruel Taste of Winter" which we were very pleased with. Jonny Maudling had done an excellent job on "The Light" and was the obvious choice for the new album as well. He doesn't rehearse with us at all before entering the studio, he doesn't hear the material before he comes to play on it - he just performs excellently under pressure and we are very pleased with the end results.

You made the cover artwork yourself this time, how long have you been painting?

Aaron has been doing artwork for the band from "The Thrash of Naked Limbs" ep onwards, the only exception to this after then was "Like Gods of the Sun". The cover for "The Dreadful Hours" is a piece of art which was inspired by the moors murders which happened quite near to where we live. Aaron had this picture completed for for quite some time and it suited this album perfectly.

If you weren't in the music business what do you think you would have done with your life?

I used to be an actor and was actually recieving offers for TV roles which I would have continued with if I hadn't given up acting to concentrate my efforts on music. I had started to get some degree of success and is something I may return to at some point in the future.

Do you know what Rick Miah, Bill Law and Calvin Robertshaw have been up to since they left MDB?

Calvin is still very much involved with My Dying Bride and has been our tour manager over the last 2 years. I spoke with Rick a while since and he was playing drums again in a local stoner rock band but I believe he's quit playing drums again since then. I don't think anyone is in contact with Bill Law.

You have been playing for more than ten years now, are there any goals yet to achieve?

Yes, to become rich, bloated rock stars with swimming pools filled with champagne surrounded by gold-plated women. I would also love to do a collaboration with Tori Amos...

Any final words for the fans?

Yes, please pay attention to answer 14 [Editor's note: the previous question] and buy loads of copies of our new album!!! Seriously though, take care of yourselves and those you love and never let ignorance plague your life. I hope to meet you when we play live.


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