Interview with Sirenia 2

Source: Metal-Queens Webzine
By Joshua Becker & Jessica Clingempeel
February 2009

MQ: Did you ever follow Sirenia when Monika was in it or did you know them personally?
Ailyn: I would like to be able to say I followed Sirenia from their beginning, but in fact I knew about them through Myspace, a couple of months before they contacted me to audition. Until then I had never heard them or met them.

MQ: What made you audition for Sirenia?
Ailyn: I applied without knowing it! My sister was in Myspace searching for Metal bands to add as friends, and this is how we found Sirenia. We listened to them and saw their video clips, and we loved them so much we sent a friend request. When they contacted me to ask me if I wanted to attend to the auditions, I visited again their Myspace and I saw they were looking for the new vocalist, and the way to apply to the job was just sending them a demo or adding them as friends and having songs in your profile. I had being searching for new musical projects, and it was a surprise when I realized I had applied to Sirenia without knowing it! :)

MQ: How has Sirenia changed your life?
Ailyn: The truth is that my life is almost the same, the only difference is that now I travel a lot, and I didn't do it before. Before being in Sirenia, I had only been out from Spain once. Also, now I've got new friends and meet many people, but my life is still the same with little differences. :)

MQ: How are you liking your new position in the band?
Ailyn: I'm very happy. Sometimes, I think about it and it seems I'm going to wake up at any moment and realize it's been all a dream! :) To me, being in Sirenia is very important, I had never dreamt about being in a band so important as Sirenia. Also everybody is treating me really good. As I always say, right now I'm living my best moments. :)

MQ: What was it like to be introduced to a new band and to make new friends?
Ailyn: Really good! I'm a very shy person, but I also enjoy to meet new people, so I'm pleased.

MQ: Do you see yourself or the band still around in 5 years?
Ailyn: Of course, I see myself in the band in 5 years and, if I can, I'd love to be on it many years later.

MQ: What do you hope will become of Sirenia now that you are the new singer?
Ailyn: At the moment I want to enjoy it day by day. And enjoy what I do with my band mates. Also I hope the new album will be really successful!

MQ: What were you doing before Sirenia?
Ailyn: Before joining Sirenia, I was working with some Granada musicians for a project, but it went wrong. They wanted to do Spanish Pop-Rock and I wanted Gothic Metal, so we didn't agree and left the project at the beginning of it. And just after leaving, Sirenia came. :)

MQ: What is the musical inspiration for Sirenia? Like, not necessarily the lyrics, but the music itself?
Ailyn: Morten composed the tracks from the album as he's always done with all Sirenia albums, so the stories behind each song are only known by him and he never reveals his inspirations. He prefers each person to give the meaning they want. So I could give you my opinion, but I don't want it to be like a statement of the real meaning, so I'll keep it to myself. :P

MQ: Where does this inspiration come from, regarding other bands or styles of music?
Ailyn: You should ask Morten about his sources of inspiration when he composes, because as I said before he's the one creating the lyrics and the only one who really knows the meaning of each song and what he wants to say with his music. :P

MQ: Have you had any plans to do a tour in the United States, or, are you ready for a United States tour?
Ailyn: At the moment I can't tell you if we will tour the US, but I can tell you we would love to do it and tour the US, it would be really great!

MQ: I'm not sure if I remember hearing this in an interview, but where does the name Sirenia come from?
Ailyn: Sirenia is a name based on the Sirenia in Greek mythology. The sirens lured sailors into death with their beautiful singing and overwhelming appearance.

MQ: Being from a different culture is there anything you are adjusting to that is different?
Ailyn: Nothing. I think almost everything is the same.

MQ: Have you learned any Norwegian since being with the band?
Ailyn: Sincerely, I've just learned some words here and there, so right now it's better to concentrate on my English, but when I'm more comfortable with my English, I'd love to learn Norwegian.

MQ: Did you have to move to Norway or do you still reside in Spain?
Ailyn: Aun sigo viviendo en España, pero tengo pensado en cuando me sea posible mudarme a Noruega. I'm still living in Spain, but I'm thinking about moving to Norway when I'm able.

MQ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Ailyn: I've always love to travel and there are a lot of places I'd love to see, but I've always wanted to go to Japan. I can't find the words to explain it, just I feel attraction for it, I'd love to go and see it all. I love it so much that when I was 18, I joined a languages school and studied Japanese for about 4 years.

MQ: What would you say, as a musician is the hardest part of it?
Ailyn: All known musician's life is hard, but at the same time it's beautiful. You meet many people and see lots of places, so I love it!

MQ: Ever since you were a kid what has been your dream and has that dream been accomplished yet?
Ailyn: Since I was a kid I dreamt about being in the music world, and as I grew up I dreamt about being part of a band, so I think my dreams have been accomplished. Of course I've got many dreams, but only time will tell if they become true or not ;)

MQ: Were you raised in a musical influenced family?
Ailyn: Yes. In my mother's family they all loved music. My aunt was a singer and my grandfather and some of my uncles played some instruments. They never studied music, but were good at it, but didn't play it as professionals.


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