Interview with Tarja 4

Source: Metal Queens Webzine
By Jessica Clingempeel +Various
July 2008

Jess: How has the writing process been going? How is it compared to My Winter Storm?

Tarja: It has been very successful so far. I think I will have a good amount of new material until the end of this year, in order to start recordings in the beginning of next year. This time I am much more present in the song writing process than on my first album. The reason for this is that last time there was not really time for it, nor I had enough courage for it since the writing of songs had never before been my strongest field in music. Now I feel I am much more free to explore what lies in my heart and soul. I am very happy to be able to put it in words or melodies. You will definitely hear even more personal album than MWS is.

Jess: In your blog you revealed the title "The Crying Moon", as a song for your new album. What inspired the title?

Tarja: It's about the suffering and pain that the moon witnesses between two persons that are fully in love but cannot be together.

Jess: You said before you were still thinking of an album title, any ideas on one yet?

Tarja: I have an idea for it already, but I give myself still more time to decide it.

Euphoric_Thunder: Will you be doing another cover song on your new album and maybe a possible duet with someone well known?

Tarja: I would love to make another cover song for the album. I have also an idea for it already, but that needs a lot of work. Let's see if I manage to finish what I have started. Finding great duet partner is another challenge on this album. It would be just great to have one duet for the album.

Lady Christabel: Will the new album be very different stylistically from My Winter Storm? If so, what different elements can we expect to hear in this album?

Tarja: The new album will continue the line of MWS, but it will be more mature and personal album. The concept of the sound is getting more clear to me and also the elements that you already could hear on the first album, will be even more present on the new album. There will of course be new things for you to discover, but that I cannot tell you yet. :)

Josh: What was the greatest challenge you faced when creating My Winter Storm? Have you faced any challenges yet with the new album?

Tarja: To get the album ready in a tight schedule that my record company gave us for MWS was the biggest and hardest challenge to work out. It is always a challenge to make a new album anyway, because what matters for me the most is the fact that the album really should be my own creation. I love taking challenges because they keep me making progress as a musician. I need to train a lot to become better with my singing also.

Jess: People here in the United States are still hoping for tour dates, any news yet?

Tarja: Unfortunately, no matter how much I wanted to go there to sing for you, this depends on my record company and their support. They were not ready for the tour in USA at this stage. I will keep on trying...

Aaron: What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment in life apart from music?

Tarja: I have been able to understand better the world we are living in, through travelling and seeing different cultures. I would really have a much smaller view of life without having had that chance.

Jess: Are there any other goals in life you would love to achieve?

Tarja: I wish to live a healthy life and to have a chance to be a mother one day. To be an artist is my great privilege in life. I hope I can keep on performing, because singing is my way of life.

I wish we could have had more questions but we all know you are very busy and you have an upcoming tour in South America awaiting your arrival. I hope you have fun during those shows and congratulations on the success of My Winter Storm. Also, happy early birthday Tarja! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really hope to see you soon in USA. As everything in life, you always need to keep on dreaming so that one day your dreams would come true. With me it has always been like that. God bless you all and once again, THANK YOU!

With love, Tarja


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