Tarja - My Winter Storm

Source: Soundshock

There are certainly signs that Tarja hasn't completely left her experiences with her former band behind, as the gothic undertones of ‘Lost Northern Star' quickly make clear. However, there is a shortage of guitar work throughout the album, with songs such as ‘The Reign' and ‘Our Great Divide' being completely keyboard-driven. Where the real difference lies between this work and that of Nightwish however, is the even larger sense of operatic pompousness that lies at the heart of the record. This is by no means a criticism; it gives the album the aura of musical theatre, with the brief instrumental tracks scattered throughout serving as intervals between each ‘act'.

Aside from a bizarre cover of Alice Cooper's ‘Poison' that you have to replay a few times to make completely sure that you weren't imagining it, the album manages to enthral without offering any huge surprises, as the ‘epic factor' is cranked up to 11 throughout. Many will find this album difficult to enjoy, some will probably hail it as the most bombastic album to be released this year. In the grand scheme of things though, it is an interesting effort from a woman who has a lot more work to do if she is to fully rid herself of her overbearing past.

Review by Merlin Alderslade


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