Interview with Nightwish 10

Source: Rock Hard


Part translation from Nightwish Official Forum:

First part is about MiHk (Made in HongKong). Then it comes to the problems seen in MiHk.

I: Your band leader Tuomas talks on the DVD several times about exhaustion, stress and problems during the tour.
M: This is due to the timing. The shots were made before the last show of the tour in Chile when everyone was totally exhausted and only wanted to go home. If this interview would habe been made before or after the tour it would have been more positiv. But Tuomas assured me, that after the 3 month break we are doing now, he will be totally OK again.

I: At some parts he made us think Nightwish has nearly splitted?
M: No, it was not so bad. Of course we had sometimes fights, but with a little amount of democracy you can handle such things. When you are constantly tired out this frets on you, and than even little matters can escalate. Unpleasant situations are nothing new, we also had them sometimes in the past.

I: Tuomas talks a little bit cryptical about forthcoming solutions for problems. What does he mean?
M: Don't know for sure what he means, maybe the producer jobs he is doing at the moment. There also have been some difficulties within our crew, which resulted in a personal change. Beside that i have no knowledge of issues. As far as i know nobody was kicked out of the band. (laughing)

I: On the DVD there is also the much discussed scene with Anette in Belo Horizonte. What really happened?
M: In this night it was a mixture of many small things. Stress, home sickness, voice problems caused by the smoke. It was not an easy situation, we played some more songs to avoid riots. Of course we were asking ourselves if she will ever be able to return on stage again, but fortunately she made it.


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