Interview with Nightwish 2

Source: Kerrang!

What are the UK fans going to see that we haven't seen before?
Tuomas - As it'll be our first show after a 3 month break you'll see slightly scared but refreshed and excited Nightwish. There will be the full light show and pyro, plus a different set-list. We've been playing the same songs for 14 months and the time has come to change things. We're gonna drop Bye Bye Beautiful and in fact we'll probably never play that song again. It's had its time and it just feels really corny to play it now. We're gonna bring some of the older stuff back. [Holly's note - And don't we all know it!! grin.gif]

Is that due to fans telling you they want to hear more old stuff?
T - The most important thing is to keep the set-list intersting for yourself. By changing things, you stay inspired and get the right vibes. That is then transferred to the audience and everyone feeds off it. If you play the same songs for weeks on end it becomes routine. We'll always have the same first and last song - that's tradition - but we'll change a lot of the others.

But don't you always open with BBB?
T - Yes, but we're having a five-day rehearsal in a few weeks and then we'll decide what the new opener will be. We've never played the Brixton Academy before but there is a legendary touch to its name, so of course we want to play the best show we possibly can. [Holly's note - And boy, did they play a heck of a show]

How close is the new live album MIHK to the true Nightwish sound?
T - I am positive about how it sounds but I wasn't sure at first because it was the record company's idea, not ours. I actually don't like live albums at all but I was happy with the result. To me, it sounds more like a live EP because for legal reasons we weren't able to include our earlier songs, just ones from Dark Passion Play. That was dissappointing, but I think the best part of it is the tour documentary. You will see how exhausted we got and how close we came to actually cracking up and checking into a mental hospital. There is plenty of hilarity also, so you'll see both sides.

Will the day come when you won't play anything from you Tarja-fronted era?
T - It's not something I've contemplated. I don't see any reason why we should stop playing the old material. Some of the songs have actually been reborn since Anette joined the band. For example, Sacrament of Wilderness and Ever Dream sound different now, but at the same time they sound refreshed. I think we'll keep doing older songs in the set for as long as we can do shows.

Pain are supporting you once more in London - you must really like touring with them?
T - I like Pain's music but I definetly like the people. When we choose support acts, the most important thing is that we can get along with them, and it certainly helps if we like the music. Pain are the perfect package in that sense and the same applies for the other band that are touring with us, Indica. I can say the same for Paradise Lost when we toured with them - great band, great people.

Do you ever wake up on long tours like this and wonder where the hell you are?
T - All the time. I don't use drugs but I imagine this is what it'd be like. You wake up in this surreal world that doesn't quite make sense. You go where they tell you to go and it's hard to make sense of what time is and where you actually are. The tour is still going on - we'll do about 10 festival shows in Europe this summer and carry on until September when we finally start making our new album. I feel like my head is exploding with ideas for it!


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