Interview with Nightwish 8

Source: Karjalainen

Tuomas palasi lomilta

Tuomas Holopainen aloitti taas keikkailun, mutta teki lomallaan muun muassa nyt kiertueella lämppärinä mukana olevan Indican englanninkielistä levyä.
Video: Hannu Jarva

Translation from Nightwish Official Forum:

Did you have time to rest during the break?
- I spent two months in studio producing Indica's English album. I also had some side projects and spent two weeks in United States, visiting Disney World. The break was really restful and necessary.

So you didn't play in any band, like Kotiteollisuus?
- I didn't have a chance. Kotiteollisuus was in a studio too. I may play a couple of gigs with them in the spring.

How long is this leg of the tour?
- Three and half weeks in Europe, two weeks in United States, then summer festivals and some concerts in autumn. About 40-45 concerts in total.

And then you start to make the new album?
- Soon after the tour ends I start to plan the new album and start to put all the pieces together.


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