Interview with Nightwish 9

Source: Karjalainen

Marco Hietala

Marco Hietalalla on monta rautaa tulessa. Hän on lupautunut myös Sapattivuosi-yhtyeen laulajaksi. Black Sabbath-musiikki kun kiinnostaa.

Translation from Nightwish Official Forum:

You have joined Sapattivuosi. Aren't your other bands enough?
- If you think rationally, they should be enough, but joining Sapattivuosi has nothing to do with rational thinking.

Do you have enough time for all this?
- Barely, but I'll try to manage.

You also recorded the song Hilma ja Onni (for the Jaakko Teppo tribute album). How did that go?
- I had to internalize the lyrics first, because the song is a sad story culminating in a revenge. But it suited well for me.

Did you use your Savonian (Eastern Finnish) accent?
- You can hear it in a couple of parts of the song.


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