Interview with Nightwish 19

Source: Classic Rock
Dave Ling
March 12. 2009

Nightwish Speak Out About Vocalist Problems

Nightwish's Tuomas Holopainen has admitted that vocalist Anette Olzen "might not be able to handle" the pressures of being in the band.

In an exclusive interview with Classic Rock's Dave Ling, Tumoas Holopainen has admitted that there have been signs of tension that are beginning to form within the band.

The Dark Passion Play tour began in October 2007. Is the finish line in sight?

Tumoas Holopainen:
"It's on the far horizon, maybe. There's only another five months to go. It's been the band's longest and most exhausting tour; a real rollercoaster ride."

By that you must mean Anette bursting into tears and walking off stage at a gig in Brazil last November, later claiming in an interview that "the stress and bad vibe within the band had reached a boiling point"?

"Yes, but I disagree about the bad vibe part. It was a combination of many different things. Everyone was getting along, but the schedule was too hard. The whole band, the technicians, everyone, was on the verge of collapse."

What was meant by the explanation that Anette was "really not up to this kind of heavy shit right now"?

"She was being affected by a smoke machine, which isn't great for a singer. There were middle fingers in the front row, and some jerks were screaming the name of our former vocalist (Tarja Turunen). It all kind of closed in on her. But everybody's relaxed again now. We went home and had three months off the road. As simple as that."

Did alarm bells ring when, echoing her predecessor, Olzon recently hired a personal manager?

"At the beginning I had a feeling of déjà vu. But when we discussed it I understood that she needs somebody who speaks her own language [Swedish]. Her manager is a very, very reasonable guy."

How is she handling the fame?

"She has told me a couple of times that she might not be able to handle it, on top of her divorce. I've seen her close to collapse and it has scared me, so we are protecting her. There will be no more interviews."


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