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It’s seven o’clock and we’re backstage at the Astoria in London. The queue outside the venue snakes around with the back end of it touching the central part of Oxford St such is the anticipation and interest in Finnish operatic rockers Nightwish. Inside the venue though and vocalist Tarja is in her dressing room warming up her rather impressive vocal chords whilst, in the adjacent room, Planet Loud sits down to have a chat with the mastermind behind the band, keyboard player Tuommas.

Planet Loud - Second sold-out night at the Astoria. Pretty good eh?
Nightwish - It‘s amazing. They actually requested for us to do a third show but it‘s just cool for us to say we‘ve done two sold-out shows.

Planet Loud - You must be pretty pleased with the way things have gone for you in the UK recently?
Nightwish - I‘m very pleased. We never expected anything like this because practically nothing was happening for our first four albums but this album took us to the next level. It is the hardest market to break in Europe for this kind of music.

Planet Loud - Bands like Lacuna Coil are picking up a similar sort of interest despite a lack of extensive coverage. As you said it is the hardest market to break so why now?
Nightwish - I think there are three basic reasons. The first and simplest is that we‘ve done the best album so far and the single had radio play which we have never had before. The second is that we have a bigger label now and so they can give us more money for promotion. The third reason is that bands like Evanescence becoming so successful there is now a trend towards this kind of music.

Planet Loud - So you think the success of a band like Evanescence has helped bands like yourself then?
Nightwish - I couldn‘t deny it but I still think that, even though we have some similarities, we are really doing our own thing. We were there five years before them which I am proud of but, of course their success helps us. I like the band but we are different.

Planet Loud - You‘ve been hugely successful across mainland Europe and in your home country of Finland for years now. Has it been hard coming to the UK and essentially starting again?
Nightwish - Of course it is always a little difficult and I like a challenge. I personally love playing small intimate venues like this because that is ideal for me. I get a little bit scared when I see ten thousand people in front of me.

Planet Loud - Speaking of big gigs you have gig coming up with Iron Maiden?
Nightwish - Yes, we do. It was confirmed about a week ago and it is happening in Poland on 29th May. About a week after that we are supporting Motley Crue in Finland.

Planet Loud - Both bands have massive stage shows, is that something you would like to have?
Nightwish - Yeah, the music we are playing is very visual and theatrical. We have a massive light show and pyrotechnic show whenever we can do that. We are not allowed to do that in England but in Germany we have massive explosions and water coming down when we are playing and things like that.

Planet Loud - You‘ll be able to develop that side of the band with the support of your new label won‘t you?
Nightwish - Yes, definitely. It does always come down to money though but now we definitely want to develop that side of the show as well. The water idea is something that only Britney Spears and Garth Brooks has done and now we‘re doing it.

Planet Loud - Could you tell us a bit about it?
Nightwish - In front of the stage there is a water wall like rain and you can reflect lights through it and stuff like that. We want to expand those ideas and have more explosions and air bursts and stuff like that. I love that kind of thing..

Planet Loud - So you‘ll be looking forward to gigging with Motley Crue then?
Nightwish - Well…. It will be interesting to see. I‘ve never been their biggest fan but our drummer is a massive fan and he is really looking forward to it.

Planet Loud - Now you‘re becoming a household name outside Finland, will you be living the sex, drugs rock n‘ roll lifestyle like the Crue did?
Nightwish - Well, we never did and I can‘t really see us starting now. Ha! We are pretty easy going but, although we do have our fair share of fun, it‘s nothing like The Dirt. We like to drink and have fun but it‘s nothing like that.

Planet Loud - Has life changed for you because of your success?
Nightwish - Obviously we are never home but, as people, I don‘t think we have changed that much. We‘re still the same country boys. You can even call us rednecks, I don’t really care! I still live in the middle of the woods so life hasn‘t changed for us. We never imagined being this big so we never wanted the whole rock star lifestyle.

Planet Loud - A lot of the attention goes on Tarja although you write all the music. Does that bother the rest of the band?
Nightwish - Honestly it has never bothered us because, let‘s be truthful here, you always need a visual element to a band and you would rather look at her than the guys in the band so it is just natural because she is the face of the band. I also think that the people who listen to us know about the band, who does what, who writes the music so the real fans do see us as five people.

Planet Loud - She will obviously get more attention now the band are becoming more successful. Does that bother her?
Nightwish - She comes from the same town as I do so she is a country girl too. It has been the same learning curve for both of us and she is coping really well. She cannot walk anywhere in Finland without being recognised. Back home in Finland she is bigger than Pavarotti.

Planet Loud - Does it feel strange going back to Finland and being idolised like that?
Nightwish - It feels really weird but it is part of the job. It does feel weird but, of course, I am flattered by the attention.

Planet Loud - It‘s better than no attention..
Nightwish - Definitely.

Planet Loud - Going on to the record then, I believe you used the same orchestra used in The Lord Of The Rings?
Nightwish - That is something the label says because it sounds cool. It‘s partly true because all of the people who played on our album were part of the orchestra used in Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King movie. There were fifty-two players playing on our album but, in the movie, there was like a hundred and ten. Still, it was the same orchestra and we recorded in the same studio that all of the music in the three Lord Of The Rings movies were recorded in.

Planet Loud - What was that like?
Nightwish - Incredible. One of the highlights of my whole life. To have people like that playing the music I have personally written and playing it so beautifully was amazing. I sat there on the couch watching them and it was just incredible.

Planet Loud - Are you a fan of the movies?
Nightwish - A huge fan..

Planet Loud - For a band like Nightwish, at the level you are at, using an orchestra like that is a massive step. Where now?
Nightwish - I have always been a fan of grand music so I would like to do things as big as possible. Finally I think we have the chance to do that now we have some money and so maybe we can do that on the next record.

Planet Loud - Would you like to compose music for a movie?
Nightwish - That is my biggest dream. When I am done with Nightwish I really want to try my wings in the movie music scene. I take most of my influence when writing the music for Nightwish from movie music.

Planet Loud - There are obviously a lot of expectations for the band now, what are your goals for the future?
Nightwish - To still be speaking to each other after this tour ends in October and then we hope to enter the studio some time in 2006 but that is as far as we have planned for now.

Planet Loud - Okay, well good luck with the tour and enjoy tonight’s show..
Nightwish - Thanks.

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Interviewer Graham Finney

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det är mycket enklare än te.x gratismakeup och gratisbio,

men behöver inte alls lika mycket poäng som där.

och nu när sidan är så ny och det knappt finns så många medlemmar

är det mycket enklare att samla ihop poäng och få hem flera presentkort :)

, !!

2009-03-12 @ 15:11:58

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