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This is a translation of an article i found in this month's Scream Magazine in Norway. I'm not a good translator though, so bear that in mind.

Nightwish- the End of an Era

Sunday the 23. October the Internet was boiling more than usual. The Official Nightwish web-site has several hundred-thousand hits, and fans worldwide were in shock. The bands next album isn't scheduled until 2007, but then it will ost likely be with a new lead singer...
It is never fun to carry a dark secret, and yours truly was informed about this situation months ago by the bands songwriter, Toumas Holopainen. Toumas made it clear to me that this was painful, and that the decision was an extremely difficult one to make. In september we had to work hard to prevent cancellation of the Rockefeller-gig, but thanks to the extreme effort of our co-worker Jan Erik Johansen, the concert was saved.
Friday 21. October the band will play their last concert in a sold out Hartwall Areena in Halsinki, where there will be approximately 14 000 spectators. Shortly after the show, Tarja will receive a letter signed by the band, and a day later this open letter will be published om the bands web-site.

( here the entire letter was opublished, for those without Internet access)

Yours truly spoke a lot with Toumas sunday after the concert, and even though the bands press-statement says a lot, he happily elaborates.

-It is not really Tarja who is the main issue, but her husband, Marcello. I think it is tragic that one of my best friends, whom i have known since we were in elementary school together, has been brainwashed by an Argentinian mafia-dude. Marcello is scary-he can wrap you around his little finger , and is a manipulator of a different world!

Toumas nods confirmingly to the statement that it is good for Tarja to have a person only she can relate to-a kind of free-zone from the fans and the music-industry, but that is still only a half-truth in Toumas' eyes.
-Ofcource, but why did she have to chose him of all people? She could have had anyone she wanted, and she is too good for this snake!

You're not going into the studio until the fall of 2006- is it unthinkable for you to continue with Tarja if she manages to keep Marcello out of the band?
-As of today, it is not possible. Tarja needs to understand that neither me not he other people is the band or our management want anything to do with him, and if they truly love eachother, then the ship has sailed for any further cooperation.

Toumas' phone rings none-stop this afternoon, and even though it is obvious that he is completely exhausted, he still does interviews constantly.
-It probably won't be long until a counterattack from Marcello, and i 'll make sure i say as much as possible until then.

Toumas confirms that further detail about this difficult situation will be answered in the official book, that will be published during spring 2006.
The bands concert at Hartwall Areena will be released on DVD in 2006, under the name "End of an Era".

There's always to sides to every story, and when i contacted Tarja to see if she is willing to comment, she simply replies by SMS that "right now there is nothing that works for me,so i'm leaving for Argentina to escape the media-pressure in Finland. This is still a shock to me. I'll be in touch later. Thanks for the support"

A grave-looking Tuomas Holopainen is sitting in the kitchen of the Hästholmen country summer camp in the eastern Helsinki.
The closest ones of the band have rented a cozy location to celebrate the ending of the Once tour. One can hear merry, slightly drunken chattering from the other side of the house.
Holopainen -who prefers to stay in shadows even in normal situations- on the other hand is not in the mood for celebrating.
That's because only 18 hours have passed form the moment the Nightwish lads gave a letter announcing the end of their collaboration to their vocalist Tarja Turunen.

*A classic question: How does it feel now?

-"Fucking weird. I'm apparently suffering from a slight shock somehow.
I'm sure this thing will take a couple of weeks to really sink in. Mostly I feel like bursting into tears but I'm too embarrassed to do that. Well, maybe it's better to just try to laugh instead or something. Maybe there's this slight feeling of relief somewhere in the back of my mind but the topmost feelings are just utterly horrible. I still wish from the bottom of my heart that we could have solved this in a different way."

*Is there any specific thing or event that led to this?

-"Maybe the moment when Tarja snapped that legendary 'Remember, that I could leave this band at any time, giving you only one day's warning in advance.' sentence. It broke my heart and cracked my spine. On the other hand it also pumped into me this certain will to prove myself.
Last year I said many times that that if Tarja should leave, it would be the end of Nightwish. At the moment I however want to keep going more than ever!
Something as beautiful as this can't be torn apart only because of the sacking of our lead singer.
No way in hell I'm gonna give up."

*Did you inform Turunen at any point that she was moving on dangerous waters?

"We didn't dare to insinuate to Tarja that she might for example get fired.
We were afraid that she might hang up the gloves and cancel the rest of the tour immediately. We couldn't take that risk.
Tarja has often told us that Nightwish is wearing her down. According to her we don't even respect her. The truth, however, is very different; this year we did everything on her and her husband's conditions. I really can't think of anything else we could have done to make the touring easier for them.
She got to fly every time she wanted to, we surely would have even paid her a helicopter flight if necessary.
She could always stay in the finest hotels. No soundchecks, no obligations to do any interviews.
The passing year was just sheer John Lennon - Yoko Ono business. Someone who is not a part of the band butted in to the team and ruined everything.
-"It also hurt when Tarja was trumpeting around that she doesn't even sing with her real voice in this band.
So Turunen thinks she has wasted her own 'Karita Mattila career' by touring with a bunch of punks like us. So she has sacrificed herself for our sake... How can she think like that? Nightwish has given her a career.
She was the best and the most well-known female singer in a metal band there was. In certain circles she's considered a goddess to say the least.
How can she not appreciate these things?"

*Is there any way you can put yourself in the position of a Nightwish fan during these difficult times?

-"This must be an insanely tough pill to swallow, but... (long pause)
Nightwish will carry on with another vocalist and Tarja is going solo.
So people will still get new music from both Nightwish and Tarja in future.
Despite everything it should be kept in mind that Nightwish is just a band, not a religion or something like that.
I really hope that people will be able to take this sensibly after the surge of emotion has calmed down."

*So you're not going to take back the decision to fire Tarja under any circumstances?

-"I'm as sure about this as anyone can ever be. There's no going back.
I have seen now the opposite party's moral hierarchy and it doesn't match Nightwish's on any level.
A few moments we considered if we really have the right to do something like this.
After all even the City-lehti* said that 'Tarja Turunen will perform with her band on the Hartwall Arena.' Some people really do think that Nightwish is Tarja's band, even after all these years.
Well, she never came to rehearse with us and never took part in songwriting, making singing melodies or arranging.
We came to the conclusion that someone like that can be replaced."

(* City-lehti: An independent "cool" magazine that is published every other week and given to free distribution. It published an article about Tarja in the spring with a kind of "You don't need Nightwish." -tone. And now in the latest edition the editor called Tuomas a wussy and a lousy leader who doesn't realize he just destroyed the future of his band by sacking the only talented member in the band... )


Tuomas Holopainen, the leader of Nightwish, is not going to lay down and enjoy his peaceful days off after the exhausting Once album tour.
The man is already composing new material for the next Nightwish album on the full speed.

I can't do anything else, really... Nightwish is constantly on my mind, this is purely a way of life. It surely sounds overly romantic but that's the truth.
I have no social life outside of the band stuff for example. I have no children, I have no girlfriend.
The only contact with so-called normal life I have is the house-building project. It's a concrete thing.
It really bothered me when some journalists contacted me and said they're going to make an article about the house.
I was like "Oh no, no you're not..." but then they informed me that there was going to be an article whether I collaborated or not.
And when that article was published there was all the possible information, address and everything. And then the afternoon papers called and wanted these great big interviews.
Stuff like that really makes you wonder where have all the ethics of journalism gone. The papers are playing around with serious matters.
A nasty headline can destroy a career or a marriage. That's damn frightening.

How did the world tour affect you?

At least I got more self-confidence. I also learned to forgive myself and the others more easily. Sharing my appreciation to others has also become easier for me.
The tour I did with Kotiteollisuus was a mental culmination point. I was in fact even frightened to take off with them but then I realized that I do get along with different people after all and that they may even appreciate what I do.
A kind of "I can do it!" thought clicked in my head.
However I am still damn lousy at receiving groundless criticism. Just think about walking down the street with your offspring when along comes someone who blurts out: "What an ugly brat, I hope it's not yours!". It does hurt.

How's the near future?

Music and lyric-writing, surprisingly. Whenever I'm home I spend at least six days per day at my synths.
And even when I'm reading Donald Duck or something I'm thinking about new lyrics.
In addition I've already written a string-based song called Hiljaisen lumen lapsi (Child of the Silent Snow) to the forthcoming solo album of Timo Rautiainen that will come out next year.
I will also try to compose a song for the forthcoming album of For My Pain.
The Nightwish rehearsals will already start in June but maybe I will still have time to do some festival gigs with Kotiteollisuus or Rautiainen's solo band.
The Petrax studio in Hollola is booked for Nightwish later on.
I have more music done than ever before in this point. Two finished pieces of music and dozens of melodies. I have also ordered riff-records from both Hietala and Vuorinen, I hope the gentlemen will be manage to make them. Marco has already showed me this song he's made and it was really impressive.
The tendency of the forthcoming album doesn't seem to be very different from Once. Although the songs often change in arrangement.
For example Nemo was practically turned upside down on the last minute. It was this grandiose six-minute boulder of music but something just wasn't right about it. Then Tero Kinnunen (the producer and a technician of Nightwish) said: "let's cut this and that off, move this part to there and put this part to half-tempo".
We experimented and polished until it finally found its course.

So composing a follow-up to the hugely succesful Once doesn't oppress you?

Not at all. I am positively burning to create something new.
Only thinking about the obligatory single piece annoys me already. The music business demands at least one single per album and I'm awfully lousy at composing songs of three and a half minutes. Let's just hope something like that will spring up relatively easily. Though it's more likely that after the mastering is done I realize that there'll be like six ten-minute epics on the album. *laughs* A couple of good single pieces ended up on Once but otherwise I think it's our most uncompromised and non-commercial album yet.
I'm unreasonably bad at saying "no" but there are situations where even I can't yield. Last spring the people at Nuclear Blast were thinking that "Greek Mary's Blood will become the number one summer hit in Europe if we edit it to single-lenght."
So they wanted to cut five minutes off an eight and a half minute song! And no, that was not a joke...
At first I thought it to be a joke too when we were given the script for the new video of Sleeping Sun. When I read it through I thought that no way in hell we were gonna do "a Hammerfall". A metal video with swords and battlefields.
Rhapsody is having a good spirit in what they do, but if you're going to make a warrior video with a budget of ten thousand euros it will not necessarily work. Well, the director then called me and managed to persuade me.
Then in the video shooting I was feeling quite desperate when the director told me: "So, in this part you will strike your sword to the ground, glance up to heavens and pray." I was like hell, I can't do stuff like this, I'm a musician!
The whole video is bordering absurdity, but its saving grace is the fact that Sleeping Sun is a ballad. The contrast between the tough video and the easy song is quite striking actually. And I can't deny that the video does have some great images. Some of the best parts remind me of Rembrandt's paintings.

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I just removed a interview -topic which had comments about Tuomas´s interview for Scream -magazine. The whole interview was also published under the same topic. The reason why I did that was that a part of the interview was a total Bullshit. Tuomas just called me and he said that he didn´t say some things that was mentioned in a magazine.
Maybe editor wanted to publish his own thoughts or by mistake mixed them with Tuomas's thoughts.

Normally Nightwish don´t want to interfere on writings on discussion board, but this time it was necessary.

source: le forum; poste par le webmaster.


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