Nightwish Live » Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Source: Algemeen Dagblad

Algemeen Dagblad, Tuesday 17 March 2009, by Anton Slotboom, translation by Juliëtte Bos

Flame-throwers, confetti-canons and a curious ship background were brought along to Ahoy. The Finnish metal-band Nightwish showed off Sunday evening but didn't manage to fill the entire sport-hall. The second ring remained closed and also the first ring showed many empty seats. The few present fans didn't get exstatic despite all the pyros. And Nightwish themselves, summits in the symphonic metal genre, were to blame mainly. In the nothing-avoiding bombast of guitar-riffs and choirs the best of front-woman Annette Olzon got lost too often. Not that her position is to envy: her precedent, Tarja Turunen, was fired by the band by dint of a letter. The new statue moved insecure on the stage in Rotterdam. In between the overload of decibels she didn't have to say much to the fans either. Even though Nightwish didn't entirely drown. Many songs sounded alike, but on its best a Nightwish-song is fairy-tale-like, melancholic, very melodic and quite heavy at the same time. Though what comes from far isn't necessarily better. The Dutch equal of Nightwish, Within Temptation, certainly isn't worth less.

God thanks I didn't write this review myself. Learn how to spell Anette's name, man! At this newspaper they usually prefer the Dutch heavy bands over foreign heavy bands, even though they're no heavy fans in general.


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