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Backstage at the Astoria there is a voice coming from one of the dressing rooms that is quite simply enchanting. Everyone that walks passed the door is spellbound as the operatic tones echoing from the room fill the air. The source of these sounds is Tarja Turunen, vocalist with Finnish operatic metal crew Nightwish and, for the second night, she is leading her band out in front of a sold out London Astoria.

It comes as no surprise to the extreme music scene that this is happening but it is a surprise that it has taken so long. By the bands own admission though, the success of Evanescence has helped bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil break through to play gigs like this one but you sense that the crowd here tonight are here because they appreciate the beauty of Nightwish rather than the fact that they "might sound a bit like Evanescence".

From the moment the band take to the stage, they have this London audience captivated. It's a mesmerizing sight watching them glide through each song with the balls and power of a metal band but with the sort of beauty and passion that most metal bands don't even come close to capturing. Obviously the source of this passion comes from the belly of their vocalist who leaves every single person in the room absolutely mesmerized as she slides around the stage like no-one you have ever seen. At times it would be fair to say that she shouldn't be fronting a metal band and, when they power through The Phantom Of The Opera, it becomes apparent why the singer is more popular than Pavarotti back home in Finland.

While it is fair to say that Nightwish might not be to everyone's taste, it is also fair to say that if you do want to give your ears a bit of culture, then this Finnish band will certainly provide you with that. And make you realise quite how much Evanescence really do suck.

Reviewed by Graham Finney
Posted on 0000-00-00


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