Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong

Source: Kerrang!

MIHK review, Kerrang! Magazine, 3 K's (out of 5) = ***

Stopgap live release paired with suprisingly traumatic dvd.

This was the album Nightwish didn't want to make. Keyboard player and main songwriter Tuomas Holopainen makes no secret of the fact that he dislikes live albums, both listening to and making them. It's no suprise then that someone so driven by perfection would wince at the scraggy ends that inevitably make their way onto live records. That said, Nightwish are about as polished and elaborate a live experience as anyone this side of KISS, and the tracks showcased here do nothing but underline their majesty. On the downside, due entirely to tangles of red tape, the band weren't able to include any of their earlier material here, so what you end up with is no real representation of an actual Nightwish concert.

Of equal interest is the accompanying dvd which concisely documents 150+ shows on the Dark Passion Play world tour. As well as drunken humour, we hear a surpisingly candid admission from a band on the verge of meltdown. Singer Anette Olzon talks about feeling trapped in a prison, of walking off stage in tears. Holopainen recalls getting the finger from legions of ex-singer Tarja Turunen's fans in South America and raher sadly admits that there have been "some setback with Anette" and that he's "seriously pondered whether it's worth it all...there's always something." Thankfully, by the end he remembers that being well paid to do the thing you love best is no bad life. Which hopefully means this remarkable band's story has at least one more reel to run.

Download - Amaranth
For fans of - Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil.

Review by Steve Beebee


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